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Updated Oct 17, 2019

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SKILL-DRILLS training in an Aston Martin


Aston Vantage S, after brake/steer training via markers, applies process to the chicane -  20 May 2019 Skill-drills Training Day. We choose how and who you mix with.

Road training in an Aston Martin

At the end of his first on road training day the driver of the Aston Vantage V12S opposite remarked that it was the first day that he had ever properly driven the car, and how it really heightened the enjoyment of driving an Aston Martin. He owns three, with  a fourth on the way and is a lifelong Aston fan. The smallest spend he made car-wise had ultimately led to the greatest enjoyment of his prized possessions


Similarly, above, another Aston owner, having completed an initial road day, has since attended several of our skill-drills days and is thoroughly enjoying himself, developing car and his driving. He loves the fact that he can do high energy track work, with like-minded enthusiasts, without the risk of other, less considerate drivers, ruining his day or his car! 

(We don't just train in Astons by the way!)


Since adding the highly specific precision skill-drills driver training on our private track facility we have really been able to raise the game with regards to driver development. By combining the best attributes of racecraft, precision driving, stress management and "training for emergencies" we have noticed significant improvements in our regular drivers, some of whom have been with us for half a dozen years or more. By combining tests and understanding of car, and also the same of the driver, whilst sharing in the fun of a group of guys and gals enjoying their machinery and banter, we seem to have hit the proverbial nail on the head in terms of training. Develop understanding, have fun, throw in a competition aspect and a dose of theory, and just learn to enjoy your car and your driving. And you end up safer, more proficient, smoother and more understanding of your machinery. And of yourself. This is key! 


In addition, our defensive driving courses, specifically taking into account the prevalence of moped attacks -note the footballers in the news right now!- have been very well received. Training has never been more critical to today's roads, traffic, cars and threats.... 


As a trainer I've spent well over 20 years enabling drivers to understand their car and how they seriously influence their car's behaviour and also the behaviour of others around you. Proper instruction can be a real eye-opener. 


Quote from an attendee after a few hours in the car .." So, you've just shown me I've been getting it wrong all these years". Not an unusual quote, but perhaps more so when the driver was the former editor and chief road tester of the the original "Motor" magazine!


So what is this precision driver training? Well. if you are serious about driving and your aim is to become one of the very best drivers - make progress in the safest manner on road, quick yet smooth, successful and safe on track, secure in difficult environments - then you need and indeed deserve to hone your skills to the best you can achieve. Our aim is to facilitate this using a combination of road coaching and off-road skill-drills development training. Across the site you can find many examples of our sessions previously carried out, interspersed with genuine verbatim comments from clients with whom we have developed an excellent working relationship. Unlike some, we don't do trackday experiences, but instead concentrate on improving the driver's confidence and understanding. Individual road days are invaluable for raising the standard, whilst the group skill-drills days are great for developing and sharing the experience of learning whilst having fun. Everyone loves these days and, more critically, finds the knowledge and understanding gained feeds straight back into their daily drive, whether business, social or track.  


The archive can provide examples from more than fifteen years of operations in the UK and abroad!


Initially, two options: 


1.  Spend a day on road in your own car and bring your standard of drive up to where it needs to be - a combination of advanced driving, intertwined with performance skills. Think Class 1 police combined with race driver balance. 



2. Do a group skills day on our racetrack facility, where we go over-limit, put more pressure on you, but in a very safe and enjoyable manner, one that doesn't put your road car at risk from others. Braking skills, management skills, precision, steering, control of car and you. Put a bit of pressure on yourself and learn so much. But always fun!



Or do both as a package - works well to give a breadth of development and appreciation of limits.






Course information and how to purchase here


Exige under road instruction

We have just returned from a six car outing to Le Mans circuit (Aug 2019) - two days on track plus convoy work there and back. All of our drivers have done the above road and skills training, plus extra track and road work. Despite mixing with very fast cars -and being in a variety of fairly normal machinery - all were safe, really enjoyed the trip and have come back wanting to do it all again. This kind of answers the question, why train.


The aim is to develop the very best, safest drivers out there, able to deal with whatever is thrown at you -  and, having been involved in training in a wide variety of environments, civilian and services, fastest cars to the toughest conditions, I would like to believe that we are uniquely placed to do this. With over half a century of training experience been us, from training drivers and employees as a Driving Consultant at Porsche UK, to developing Sports GT racers to tactical training delivery involving firearms and threat, you are certain to learn a thing or two that will most certainly benefit you, your passengers and your car's performance and economy.


Ring for a chat: 01925 263 354 or 07876 576 320



Some of the drivers group at Zandvoort

 Drivers group visit Zandvoort with Drivertuition.com

We help you to develop your management skills, managing the car, the environment - and yourself.  Find out more - give us a call and have a chat.


Road or track-based, performance car, advanced training, anti-carjack, we change your total driving approach, novice or expert, individual or professional driver, road or racer. We make you think - there really is always a great deal more to learn and enjoy.  Most people when they go to trackdays ask about lines. It's the most commonly asked-for training from circuit instructors and possibly the least useful. With us you will gain a unique insight into car control, something which you are almost certain never to hear anywhere else, unless you happen to be involved in F1.


MikeThank you for the notes and yesterday. For me it was a fantastic day I learnt a lot and have plenty to take away to think about and practice. I found the way you delivered the information really helpful and easy to understand and appreciated your patience and empathy with someone trying to unlearn over 30 years of bad practice. I can already see how putting just some of what you suggested in place will make my driving more enjoyable and safer. Hopefully with a little practice I will master most of it.  Many thanks - John 




For many years we've been doing the usual track training via trackdays  as well as advanced road training across the whole country and indeed beyond. Initial training usually on road; starting with how you manage a car and the space around it on road makes a lot of sense. Modifying how drivers manage vehicle space on road significantly impacts on track management. So a road day even for a racer is a good thing. If you combine this with skill-drills days then over-limit /  higher stress control can be married together with good road technique to really progress your drive.


For the road we use some of the most challenging and testing roads in the UK, more testing in some ways even than the mighty Nurburgring. Then we put you in high density, risk intensive, demanding traffic situations: Again, learn to understand and then manage those around you every day. "Control the environment you take the car into."


And for over limit training we conduct this on a proper racetrack plus its environs. From braking, to evasive, precision to loss of front or rear grip. Even distraction exercises that are fun but highly thought provoking. But always lots of fun. You also get introduced to sprint and tarmac stage exercises, timing and at-pace instructions. But safely conducted in your precious car, no idiots to spoil your day...works so much better than trying to use a trackday for professional development.


And if you are looking for serious protective or anti-hijack training then visit  tac-tick.com for details on avoidance/defensive training. We have the appropriate backgrounds, experience and training to put you in the best position to recognise and then deal with risk. And with the world becoming riskier on so many fronts, this is definitely worth a day to keep you safe. And if your aim for your employees is for them also to become safer drivers and betterOne American 911R dvelopment engineer talks with one Mike Cooper ambassadors for your company then consider our corporate training options. Contact for further details. 


In the archive you can find many examples of the sort of training we have been involved in. Have a read if you wish and then give us a call/email. And finally make 2019 a year where your driving really starts....MC


For latest training dates see availability : Or ring anytime +44 (0)1925 263354 or 07876 576 320.

Or email enquire@drivertuition.com


Mclaren 675LT - driver training/coaching  on track at Silverstone




675LT Validation Prototype McLaren at Silverstone or the 911R at the Nurburgring,   - a difficult choice!



What clients say: Hi Mike,Thanks so much for yesterday. It was really eye-opening and the best days tuition on anything that I have had in a very long time! Hopefully, I learnt a lot and I trust it was OK for you;Will catch up again soon with a view to a December road and track day to give me time to improve and get my suspension & brakes changed. Cheers, Ian. 30/8/19


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