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Updated December 18th 2018


ADVANCED and  DEFENSIVE driver training details. For anti-hijack please visit our Tactical site


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Stavelot corner on the old Spa circuit in Belgium on 3rd October 2018

Drivers Club trip taking in two days at the Spa circuit and then off to Nurburgring


At the end of a day's training in his V12S Vantage above the client remarked that it was the first day that he had ever properly driven or really enjoyed driving an Aston Martin. He currently owns three, with a fourth on the way and is a lifelong Aston fan. The smallest spend he made car-wise has ultimately led to the greatest enjoyment of his prized possessions.... This is what makes training so worthwhile.


We have had some great training days over the last few months, now with some highly specific skill  training on our private track facility. Also, our defensive driving courses are specifically taking into account the increasing prevalence of moped attacks in the city. Training has never been more critical to today's roads, cars and threats.


As a trainer I've spent well over 20 years enabling drivers to understand their car and how they seriously influence the car's behaviour - you honestly will learn more in a day than a year of reading articles, watching YouTube or going on expert forums!  Quote from an attendee after a few hours in the car .." So, you've just shown me I've been getting it wrong all these years". Not an unusual quote, but perhaps more so when the driver was the editor and former road tester of the best known "Motor" magazine in the UK!


So, we've now started a new year. The question is, did 2017 see a development of your drive? If you are serious about driving and your aim before 2018 has also gone is "finally" to become one of the very best drivers - make progress in the safest manner on road, quick yet smooth, successful on track, secure in the most difficult environments - then please come and join us. Across the site you will see many examples of our training, interspersed with genuine verbatim comments from clients with whom we have developed an excellent working relationship. Unlike some, we don't do experiences but everyone loves the experience of the day(s) and, more critically, finds the knowledge and understanding gained feeds straight back into their daily drive, whether business, social or track. 


Our aim is to develop the very best, safest drivers out there, able to deal with whatever is thrown at you -  and, having been involved in training in a wide variety of environments, civilian and services, fastest cars to the toughest conditions, for over twenty five years, we are uniquely placed to do this. With over half a century of training experience been us, from training drivers and employees as a Driving Consultant at Porsche UK, to devloping Sports GT racers to tactical training delivery involving firearms and threat, you are certain to learn a thing or two that you will seriously benefit you and your drive: And you will enjoy it! As some of our drivers group below have just done at Zandvoort - July 2018.


We help you to develop your management skills, managing the car, the environment - and yourself.  Find out why and how by reading on - or giving us a call and have a chat.


Road or track, performance car, advanced training, anti-car-jacking we change your total driving approach, novice or expert, individual or professional driver, road or racer. We make you think - there really is always a great deal more to learn.  Most people when they go to trackdays ask about lines. It's the most commonly asked-for training from circuit instructors and possibly the least useful. If you are asking this then you really need to learn what "changing the momentum vector" is really all about. You will gain a unique insight into this aspect of car control, which you are almost certain never to hear anywhere else, unless you happen to be involved in F1.


MikeThank you for the notes and yesterday. For me it was a fantastic day I learnt a lot and have plenty to take away to think about and practice. I found the way you delivered the information really helpful and easy to understand and appreciated your patience and empathy with someone trying to unlearn over 30 years of bad practice. I can already see how putting just some of what you suggested in place will make my driving more enjoyable and safer. Hopefully with a little practice I will master most of it.  Many thanks - John  19 Sept 2017. 


Since 2015 all first day training, whether developing road or track capability, starts on road. Having trained people for almost twenty years we have found that initially finding what drivers do on road has proven to be the most successful approach. If you start with learning techniques on road you can then practise these every day: Not so clearly transferable if you are taught on a test track, airfield or raceway.


We commonly use some of the most challenging and testing roads in the UK, more testing in some ways even than the mighty Nurburgring. Then we put you in high density, risk intensive, demanding traffic situations: Again, learn to understand and then manage those around you every day. "Control the environment you take the car into."


If you do have a desire to take your driving to the highest level then talk to us.  Discover something about you and how you interact with the car and environment around you. It's really interesting and WILL change your perspective.



If you are looking for serious protective or anti-hijack training then visit our sister website tac-tick.com for details on avoidance/defensive training. We have the appropriate backgrounds, experience and training to put you in the best position to recognise and then deal with risk. And with the world becoming riskier on so many fronts, this is definitely worth a day to keep you safe. And if your aim for your employees is for them also to become safer drivers and better ambassadors for your company then consider our corporate training options. Contact for further details. 

Below you will find many examples of the sort of training we have been involved in. Why not have a read and then give us a call/email. And make 2018 a year where your driving really starts -as many of our drivers group have already done.



For latest training opportunities please see availability page: Or ring anytime +44 (0)1925 263354.


Mclaren 675LT - driver training/coaching  on track at Silverstone




675LT Validation Prototype McLaren at Silverstone or the 911R at the Nurburgring,   - a difficult choice!


Track training course - we run 6 car training sessions to develop specific skills


One of our driver events - July 2017. Two days on circuit at Le Mans. Doesn't get much better than this!


Nurburgring October 2016 - one of the most testing environments in the world. This was a bespoke client package enabling a track newcomer to prepare and then experience one of the world's best but, at the same time, demanding environments in a safe but very enjoyable manner.


Andy Ball competing at Spa in his Crossley. Road work in a Cayman followed by track training at Spa, then with the addition of voice notes of the circuit - all aided capability in the race. 


If you aspire to be one of the best drivers in the UK then please enquire about joining our driver's club


Comment 21 Apr 2016: 

Hi Mike, Thanks again for today. I got so much out of my time with you. In one day I really have unlearnt everything I thought knew and rebuilt my driving psychology anew! You asked me to reflect on what you taught me today, so what better way than to wait until the traffic had died down, fill up with another tank and head over Woodhead Pass…I adjusted my seat as you had advised so that my wrists were resting on the wheel and headed off over Woodhead Pass. Unfortunately I immediately hit a column of slow moving traffic stuck behind a couple of artics, so took a right onto the road heading into Glossop and rerouted to Snake Pass. Heading towards Sheffield I managed a number of much smoother and less frenetic overtakes using the technique you taught me to look ahead and carry momentum, without having to drop down to third and go screaming past anyone! This gave me clear road to play with and using your lift off/ trail brake technique I had the car flowing in a way I never have before. Whereas usually I would be shuffling through the gears, often down to third, now I find myself in fourth a lot more as you suggested, surfing the fat mid-range. This whole style of driving is so much calmer, smoother and more gratifying, as you feel the weight move around and the tail come around neatly as you carry momentum through each bend and set the car up for the next one. After a great few miles I slowed down for the speed camera section and pulled into a layby for a moment to try to ensure I had some clear road to play with on the drive back over the pass. As I pulled off, I noticed some Xenons coming up behind me rapidly, as I was sticking carefully to the 50mph limit whilst heading back out of the speed camera zone (I am nervous here – it is the exact area that earned me a court visit last year!). I soon realised by strange providence behind me was an F-Type S. I wound up the pace a bit, and through a couple of miles of clear roads found him struggling to stay with me through the bends, but making up the ground on the straights as I wasn’t gunning it too hard. On one long straight his willingness to carry speed saw him scream past me so I followed and stayed with him over 5 more glorious miles of twisting turns, bends and undulations using everything you had taught me today. His only advantage was more torque on the straights, but the plucky Nissan certainly kept £70k-worth of F Type S honest… After a fantastic run I felt he was starting to take some risks that I wasn’t prepared to take myself, whilst my brakes were starting to tell me they needed a rest, so I eased off and let him go just as the sun was setting. It was the perfect end to the days tuition and a way to put it all into practice whilst significantly ramping up the pace. I simply could not have done that had the situation occurred 24 hours earlier! That will be one of those memorable drives like that you had in your Alfa Sud with that old BM… The technique you have taught me makes carrying momentum a much calmer and more controlled experience and I look forward to building on it with another session with you soon.    James

The Drivertuition Drivers Club on an event in 20015 - Two fantastic sunny days at Spa Francorchamps - and repeated again in 2016


Mike Cooper Drivertuition - ONE OF THE ONLY UK trainers legally able to offer insured performance instruction on road in our or your performance vehicle

MSV Palmersport & Porsche Silverstone Centre instructor/Consultant, ARDS race & RoSPA Advanced Instructor, DSA Grade 6/ A Grade, ADI/Fleet. BSc Hons.Physics. Postgrad -Teaching


Edd China from Wheeler Deales on track with Drivertuition.com's Mike Cooper in the TT RS 

Edd China From Wheeler Dealers visits Drivertuition for some 150mph+ driving pointers

"Hi Mike, I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for a brilliant day at Rockingham on Tuesday. I went into the day with a little trepidation, wondering if I'd have forgotten what I learnt at Ty Croes. I came away from the day with a real feeling of satisfaction, knowing I had made definite progression in my car handling and confidence. Despite the obvious on-track limitations of the Z4, I felt much more confident in pushing the car hard into corners, using brake and throttle to steer the car. The three day course is without doubt the best money I have invested in motoring.....I'll no doubt be in touch in the future ....Best wishes  M"


A great trip to Spa and the Nurburgring - we take a pair of Suzuki Swifts to the best circuits in Europe! We are continuing this theme with these excellent cars in 2018, using the renowned Nurburgring Rent4Ring Swift Sports on our Nurburgring adventures.

Suzuki swifts and Spa Francorchamps

Some excellent sessions recently. And so varied  - secure driver training, high value delivery driving, Aston Martin in Wales, Silverstone GP circuit training, McLaren 12C on track at Croft (production lap record times ???), Exige testing at Blyton, GT3 at Castle Combe......new defensive training courses, more track time in GT3s. Testing Exiges yet again - Porsche 962 turns up! Breadth of exposure is our strength.

Please contact for details regarding bespoke hijack-aware, defensive and secure training -  see our course structure here..


"I've learned more in the last ten minutes than in the last twenty years of driving" - verbatim quote from the driver of a Porsche 991 Turbo S under instruction at Silverstone. Many thanks for the affirmation........So when spec'ing your car think about the ticking the box marked "developing the driver". It is, perhaps, the most important option for the package of car and driver. 



Dear Mike Many, many thanks for yesterday, we all enjoyed it immensely, myself in particular. To be shown in such a clear manner how to get the best out of your car was a treat.....Needless to say I will recommend you to all who will stand still long enough to listen! Thanks for a really great day Best wishes B 


There are separate sections of the site (choose options at top of page) dedicated to road, advanced, fleet and anti-hijack training and track specific, plus course availability and other options.  Have a read and then if you have any questions or Clio racecar on track under tuition with drivertuition mike cooper are interested in tuition & being coached then please drop us a line and we will do our best to answer you queries. We are flexible and can almost certainly create the tuition package that you are looking for.  But, bottom line is, that with our coaching, we guarantee to bring you to a better understanding of your drive, and then facilitate your becoming a top driver.

There's more to coaching than instruction(s)


Mike, Thanks again for a great session, absolutely cracking day! It feels strange looking back and thinking how far I've come on since the first lesson summer last year."  Alex - Clio 182 roadcar, Clio trackcar -slicks, diff, 230BHP, RadicalSR3




So, what happens at Drivertuition.com .....  

BMW M5 - V10 and V8 plus Porsche Carerra, GT3

Three great days at Bruntingthorpe test track in both versions of the BMW M5 plus Carerra. Lots learned about balance and how to drive these great cars. 170mph down the straight. But so much learned about throttle control, how the stability management alters car behaviour and really how smoothnessLotus Exige V6 tuition on roads in Waless and knowledge of the effects of the feet, hands, shoulders etc on the car.


Donington in the wet in the MR2 "best laps I've ever had on a track", Exige V6 and Porsche 996 GT3 at Snetterton.  Just a few days ago we had a 997 C4 training in town and in the country - a lot was learned in both situations. More than the driver expected.


Wales in twin turbo BMW. Lotus Exige V6 (another one!) across the moor roads in North Wales. Nissan GTR at Bedford. Tomorrow an MX5 then a Lotus, then Audi A5, then Lotus again. If you own something we've probably come across it before and can help you to become more comfortable with your vehicle.


VW Polo instruction at Nurburgring Kaussell

Some really good sessions on road and track: From prep'ing 2 overseas clients on track for their Ferrari F12 sessions at Fiorano - to a road day with an ex- Autocar scribe. Really interesting day in a TVR Cerbera running circa 400BHP at Snetterton. We stood a fighting chance with Nitrons aboard. Just a little front end setup work and this car will be capable of surprising a few people.

 EVO FQ340 running 400BHP at Castle Combe practising for an upcoming sprint... and a fantastic Exige S V6 at Snetterton, proved quite capable of playing with the odd Aston GT4 Vantage racecar. What a great track car, with the race pack and a few other niceties. One of the very few road cars that really does sit well on track with really nothing letting it down.


Very successful track training session at Rockingham in a Kumho series

race BMW E46 M3 and at Goodwood in Maserati, BMW, Porsche and various others. Road training in a tuned 997 Turbo, Mazda RX7 twin turbo (great car) plus some other really interesting cars.


Good learning days at Rockingham, Castle Combe, Bedford (again) 

Hi Mike, It was a fantastic day. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Good lesson, nice car and definitely a right track to learn. Thank you.Also, met some friendly people and got into GT3 as well. Shame about the food!!!No doubt you are highly recommended. I chose the right tutor..... Many thanks. Take care. C ,  Porsche, MSV........... Busy busy. Rockingham was great in our MR2. With a historic championship leader at the helm we had some fun. And learned the circuit and learned a bit more about braking. Good day.

Two days track instruction at the 'Ring, care of Destination Nurburgring. Nurburgring driver track tuition in a BMW M3

Bedford Autodrome in a Porsche Cayman S " Mike, Great day today, many thanks"Porsche Cayman S on track under instruction Mike Cooper

Snetterton shakedown in a Production touring car Ford Focus RS.

If you want to know the best lines round the Snetterton 300 give us a call...

Ford Focus Production Touring Car under instruction Snetteron


Fantastic trip across to the Nurburgring for public and closed track sessions. Many thanks to the guys at Rent4Ring for sorting an extra car at short notice.

"My first visit to the Nurburgring driving my Polo GTI plus two other drivers and Mike as our instructor. A great drive there in convoy traveling through 4 countries. The Ring, if you roll into one all the greatest UK circuits and then add some you begin to get an idea of how challenging this 13 mile track is to drive. Add a few race teams out on testing, the local van driver on his way home from work and things can get tricky. This is where the beauty of having Mike sat along side feeding you valuable instruction as you drive this amazing track comes into its own. A truly awesome weekends driving experience. Many thanks Mike!"

Some great road sessions - North Wales in Audi TT, South Wales learning to left foot brake n AMG E63 Mercedes, Derbyshire in a 996 Turbo, Cambridgeshire in a 993 Porsche. North Wales in an ST220 Mondeo.

Another great day at Snetterton in another Lotus - this time the supercharged Elise. Not the one below which is.......

This is the Elise S V6 - fantastic piece of kit. Again at Snett on the 300 - great circuit, Many thanks to Andrew Crighton who runs the show at Snetterton. Lotus Exige S V6 owner undergoing coaching at Snetteron Racetrack

Several days over the last week or two with Porsche clients @ the Silverstone centre and also my pals at MSV over at Bedford. 

Very interesting road days in North Wales - including a rally spec Honda Civic - good car! We know the very best roads, having spent a significant part of early competition participating in road/tarmac rallies in the area.

Well a great day was had by all at an exclusive client-only Anglesey track day on Friday. With fantastic weather, a perfect track, Caterhams to play with, rides round in the MR2 and opportunity to stretch the legs of Mclaren and Porsche. What could be better :-) IF you want to do the same just drop us a line.

Justin's day 2 and 3 of our three day course in his VW Polo 180 - well a bit more than 180BHP, care of the guys at APS .....  Following on from an initial road  session, day 2 was at Bedford Autodrome, where we got used to  more pace and attitude in the car.  Then, day 3 at Donington, where camber and elevation come into play.  Decent pace, good accuracy, nice appreciation now of balance. Great example of driver development.  See Justin's feedback on our course structure page. Since this training Justin has become one of our particularly valuable training providers.

Track tuition at Donington Park and Bedford Autodrome

Blyton: Testing / coaching at Blyton in preparation for a sprint at the weekend - the driver had only done a couple of sprints/trackdays before......but, even so, almost 10 sec removed from the benchmark run in the FQ340 to the end of day - this is why our instruction pays: And, more tMitsubishi Lancer Evolution EVO FQ-340 on track under instructionime to be had! Next stop, Castle Combe.





Driver coaching dates here

 BMW M3 race car under instruction at Castle Combe with drivertuition.com

Excellent track coaching sessions at Thruxton, Donington Snetterton, Oulton and Bedford: And what a mix of weather - rain, hail and brilliant sunshine!


Two great road days, learning to left foot brake a Mercedes C63AMG through the Black Mountains, & Ferrari F430 road day - "Thanks again for today, Mike. I've learned a whole new way to go round corners and to understand the balance of the car....I also appreciated the observational and road skills."


Porsche 997 PDK-on road then on track: "Mike, Thanks for a great day. Thoroughly enjoyed it and spent the afternoon putting new skills into practice in both the Porsche and the McLaren. Great balance to our session - perfect for me - good to get some pointers and enjoyed the 'road craft' element too. As discussed, keen to get out on a few track days - weekends best for me. Looking forward to the summary of pointers and your availability over coming weekends. Cheers, M"  Same cClio Turbo track car under tuition at Snetterton racetrackar/driver on track at Anglesey two weeks later - excellent day! So much so we've booked the track for a private trackday. You can too - just contact us for details.


Snetterton in a turbocharged Clio - definitely showed some promise!


From a glorious sunny day at Oulton Park to a very wet Ty Croes, to a freezing Donington and Brands. All providing excellent training opportunities for clients in our MR2 on track with our friends at Bookatrack. Excellent days and great racetracks...... With a 600BHP Nissan GTR and a VERY wet Donington Park we had perfect conditions to facilitate improving car control! Actually a great day to learn how to drive smoothly and really understand this initially intimidating but impressive car - if you drive it in the right way :-) 

What makes us unique: One-2-one Road, track and race driver coaching at the very highest level -  Advanced & Performance road & track tuition in your or our vehicle. If you want to drive your car FASTER/better/more confidently and with a great deal more understanding of what you and the car are doing then give us a call. We really understand car dynamics - and after coaching so will you. So, what better time to get some instruction - see TRACK section for circuit specific race training..


Toyota MR2 at Oulton Park racetrack under tuition with drivertuition.com

Recent performance road training. "Thanks for a great day - fantastic roads with interesting weather conditions".AD.

Hi Mike. Thanks for your mail and the feedback on my somewhat leaden feet. Saturday was absolutely brilliant. It's one of those that I just wanted to keep going as I felt we were actually getting somewhere by the end of the day. I managed to crawl to Bedford for fuel with '4 miles' showing on the computer. Great stuff. .... I'm going to put into practice what you said and then I'll come over for some more training in the new year. Probably not in my car though...Catch you soon. Cheers,A.

"Hi Mike, Thanks for a very informative day.  I got a huge amount out of it and will do my best to think pro-actively about what you taught us, especially .......... and "assertive" positioning...Thanks again.rgds, Paul."  

One of Paul's comments during the day "so I've been doing it all wrong for 20 years" gives a bit of a guide as to how much of an eye-opener it can be. And he has lots of experience, owning a bunch of interesting cars, including Ferrari, Nissan GTR, Monaro VXR etc. An enthusiast:. and he was a pretty handy driver already

Lotus Exige driver training on track at Bedford Autodrome

"...many thanks for a truly astounding experience at Bedford Autodrome last Saturday. To see what the Exige could do in your hands was amazing and sets a benchmark for me to aspire to! I have been going over everything we did, trying to fix in my mind the technical aspects that are essential to a quick, controlled and relaxed drive - for example the relationship between braking and gear-shifting is certainly something that needs a lot more work, particularly to eliminate the snatched gearshifts and jumping off the brakes. I am very much looking forward to our next session on track to try and develop the techniques more consistently on each lap." Keith

Renault Clio 182 Sport track training at Donington Park racetrack

Donington - "Great day yesterday…very successful as far as I am concerned. Amazing how close you were to the post on the way out of The Esses…I remember the moment as I was the passenger!" Trev.  The Clio was bought a couple of weeks ago as a learning tool on our recommendation. Great car and good way to develop some confidence of a car moving about underneath you.


 "Well just back from two days at the Nurburgring on the VLN circuit. Stunning weather, smiling faces and ClubGT's BMW M3/M5 still the shapes the maker intended!  The same could not be said for a spectacularly crashed Nissan GTR, a Porsche 997 GT3 and one or two others. Fantastic machinery on track as the race season starts this weekend, but resulting in some VERY close driving. Hard work keeping eyes on traffic, track and my drivers, overtaking akin to race days and significant speed differentials. But if you want to stay safe, drive faster and enjoy yourself a pair of seasoned eyes is highly advantageous".

BMW E36 M3 Entering Hohe Acht at the Nurburgring




 "This could be you" - Fantastic view of BMW E36 M3 under instruction, entering Hohe Acht - no other track is like the Nürburgring

 2012: BMW M3 E36 EVO 321BHP 


Very few people grasp what underpins the art of actually driving really well. We open your eyes to the actual physics going on with the car, understand your physiology - how biomechanically you are actually interacting with the car, the psychology of you and other drivers, your ability to understand the feedback the car is giving to you, and how you may be aiming to drive the car in completely the wrong manner. In other words we provide you with informed, intelligent observation and a development path: Verbally and written. So, not just sitting with some guy who used to race a bit and pointing out a few lines...


Instruction- road: Written assessment sent to client - response - "Brilliant, thanks Mike. I had a really good afternoon and have completely changed the way I change gear! Also, if you ever want a quote on a new website, you know where to find me.". rgds N.H.


On road we give you the ability to better manage car and also manage others. On track, the same, but with more car control and more speed.


IF you dislike wet tracks or think you need grippier tyres you need instruction!


"As as example of why instruction should be the way to go:  Oulton Park (Dec) and a turbocharged Mazda MX5. The driver had spun several times -once in front of "our" car - and nearly collected a few other cars in the process. His "style" of drive was one that massively tested front grip before loosing the  rear. In conversation my colleague Dave heard him blame the front tyres for lack of grip. And he'd worn out two sets of fronts in his outings this year. Yet everything was down to his driving approach. Without an informed perspective we often don't spot where things are going wrong."


Oulton  - prep'd a driver in the morning for his ARDS test, some interesting laps in a Cerbera and some good improvements - always nice to see. Passed ARDS later. Now all set to teach him to drive properly on track before the racing season starts!

Rockingham: Bookatrack - A foggy start, a slippery track. But good organisation and not too many car provided aLotus Exige 260 Cup and Toyota MR2 tuition at Bedford Autodrome great learning day.

Good day at Donington, also with Bookatrack 6th November. Jonny always provides good trackday sessions. Nice to see some familiar competitive faces! Don't think some people realise you can mix it with series champions on the kind of quality trackdays we like to use....


Congratulations to Ollie at Phoenix Motorsports for his success with cars he set up for the recent classic racing at Goodwood. Three top placed cars.


"Just to say thanks for a great driving experience. Learnt more in a day than I did throughout all my driving lessons! Hoping to apply what I learnt and refresh as well when we are both free." CF AMG Mercedes 

"Many thanks for the session last week. I honestly didn't realise the difference a proper driver makes to the car. Just got to perfect it myself - I'll keep practising. Now I want my 964RS back!"

"Mike thanks for half day instruction. Just the reminder needed as I felt a little complacency sneaking in." CF

"Good day at Ty Croes - many thanks, Learned a lot about me AND the car. Thanks again and see you at Donington in a week or two". TB

"I thought the "BOX" told me all I needed to know. IT does, sort of. But what you added in comments really made sense of the differences in lines and times. And, of course, as you said, retrospective tuition, which is what the box does, is not always what you need. Initially a sarcastic northerner saying things like "ever tried looking where you're going- like the exit" seemed a mite harsh. But, you were totally right. That and the comments about posture etc. Next session I'm expecting some new sarcastic lines - I'm sure you must have used up most of them up last week :-) Actually, really enjoyable and immensely worthwhile -thanks. Best regards CF"

".... interesting to see the two totally different approaches through Craner curves and how aggressive you can be through Old Hairpin....we'll try that next time out:-).."NF

Currently available slots: Current road dates available. Discounted instruction when our two or three day sessions are booked.

See track section for a couple of videos at Bedford in a GT3RS and Exige 260 Cup.


Why not take our three day track driver course - see track section for details. OR one of our "police-style" advanced driving days.


"Thank you for yesterday, it was a great day, I learned a lot of new things about the circuit and about my driving (Lotus Exige 260BHP)! Thank you very much for the detailed notes, this is indeed extremely helpful. I really enjoyed spending the day with you .... great learning experience and good company too! Look forward to doing it again soon. Regards D."


Exclusive use of Bruntingthorpe or Blyton track/test facility available, learn to control your car safely in difficult conditions and/or at high speeds. A range of car handling courses available




OUR INSTRUCTING - THE IMPORTANT BIT: What we do is give you a significantly greater understanding of what is really goingLamborghini Murcielago LP670 SV - driver tuition road training session on in your car and your drive: How you look at the road, change gear, steer, brake the car, and how the car is reacting to each of your inputs. There are many subtle elements and refinements to inputs that make a massive difference to the car's dynamics, but are missed by almost 100% of drivers..

Whether you drive a racecar, own or are about to purchase a performance vehicle, or want to drive more smoothly, more accurately, altogether at a higher level; then what we teach you will benefit you very significantly. 

If you are just looking to drive a few laps in a Ferrari, or want to go as sideways as possible then please look elsewhere!  We work really hard to enable you to produce a top drive: And unlike most road & circuit instruction we coach transferable skills and methodologies, so that, whatever and wherever you next drive, your drive becomes significantly better.

If you sprint, race or "trackday" then we get you safer, smoother, quicker: Guaranteed. We work extensively with race drivers from UK and overseas and help you find extra speed as well as smoothness, benefiting wear rates, safety and your stress levels. We coach drivers in many series from touring cars, to GT to classic, sprint series to hill-climbs and have clients in the UK, Europe, the US, South Africa....

"Most people don't gear-change correctly or understand brakes. We show and explain how..."

On road, we make you more in control of the car and the environment; calmer, smoother, safer, enable better progress and, surprisingly, save fuel and tyres: Simply the most effective modification you will ever make to your car.Silvestone tuition in an NSX, GT3, M3 Clio

On road or track we change methodology, perceptions and approach. You become better, more in-control, happier with the total picture. If you've just jumped into the likes of a Gallardo, a 458 or a GT3 you'll understand why this is important and key to appreciating your investment. Confident control. 

"For example, if, when driving, the back steps out it's the front of the car that determines what happens next.     Find the front washing out? Sticky tyres really may not be the solution."

The Physics, the psychology and physiology, the techniques. It'll be an eye-opener and quite different from the usual track or road instruction. An approach that's proven and very illuminating. We DON'T do track experience packages. We do facilitate significant learning. There's quite a difference and we have little interest in the Murcielago down the runway package; or the kind of drive where the car is thrown into the corner and then hope for the best....

We have excellent relationships with clients (both companies and individuals) who deal with us regularly to help develop their skills. Driving development is the key; we get you better.

For more information on our services, call us now on one of the numbers below,  or email the site.

+44(0)1925 211 944   or  +44(0)7876 576 320        or +44(0)7876 576 320

Instructors Dave Robinson & Mike Cooper

 at Silverstone with Chris Burbidge & CLUBGT members


More feedback:  

Audi RS4 under tuition on race track


Hi Mike,Just a quick mail to say thanks for Saturday, I really enjoyed it and learnt loads. MH Audi RS4 above at Anglesey

I am positive you have heard this before but I just wanted to say it was a pleasure spending the day with Mike Cooper yesterday, very insightful... MW

Hi Mike, Thank you for a fantastic day. I know I speak for both ..... and myself when I say that it we learnt so much, and will definitely be recommending your tuition to both friends and colleagues. For my part it was about being able to drive the car more "as it was intended to be driven" - even with a stupid gearbox and no clutch pedal ! To be taught how to balance the car into corners, and to have the knoweldge to learn from the mistakes...... although there's so much work to be done, I can feel the difference and know when I have got it right (and when I've got it wrong). But there were so many other little tips and pointers throughout the day that just added to the value. Thank you once again. M

"Hi Mike...I'll write up a recommendation for your site when I get a bit more energy; I'm completely knackered at the moment. However, it was a great day and I appreciate the effort you put in.Cheers Neil"

"Mike, thank you again for congenial company and a most informative and useful session today. I shall enjoy practicing in my Elise." BR 

"Mike, just a message to thank you for a great day out driving yesterday, great roads and a great car (Panda - believe it or not) ! There was a lot to take in during the day but it was immensely enjoyable." SR  

Hi Mike Thanks for a great day yesterday, very enjoyable and informative. PC

...I will reiterate progress has been remarkable and if you are up for it I am keen to continue building the blocks... MP

"Hi Mike...Great feedback from everyone, they all learned a lot and think you’re amazing teacher.  Most wanted a whole day in the car! Corporate training giving everyone a couple of hours instruction into producing a quick but safe drive. 

"The difference between you and me is that you find more front end grip - how do you do that?" Question posed early in the day by an ex-karting champion, driving his Aston Vantage. We answered the question! Nice car by the way - great pedals.

Thanks for the session Mike - just shows what you can do with 100 horsepower:-) Great day. Look forward to getting my car on track. Thanks  R.B.

Hi, just a note to thank you for the track tuition yesterday - great day. SR Where a totally standard road car was shown to be quicker round the track than a similar but "modified for race series" version.

Many thanks for yesterday. We both thought it a very thought provoking and extremely valuable. Now, all we have to do is put it into practice!!.....a really valuable and worthwhile session. DS  Oulton Park

Hi Mike,  Thanks for all the feedback. I really enjoyed the day. We competed at Llandow yesterday, a really fast sprint course. We came first and second in the class....we must have another day. Cheers B

Hi Mike, Just to say I came third at our last outing, only 0.3 sec behind my team mate and I beat the rest in our class. Something must have rubbed off! Rgds B

Thanks for yesterday - great day. Knackered and so much to take in!  Will remember the GT3 overtake for quite a while!!! Let me know when your next 'ring trip is" TR

"Thanks for Bedford. Seems so simple and obvious ...... shows you how you can get into trouble so easily if you don’t. I didn’t think I could transfer that to the road that easily but something like the 550 (Ferrari) with so much torque needs it," Track techniques translate across to the road.

"I was very glad of the training we did with you" - two of our clients returning unscathed from the Nurburgring, giving enthusiastic feedback on one of our special "ring" road preparation courses.

 "Had a fantastic day and have already recommended your services on the Mustang Owners forum" Mallory Park

"A pleasure to meet you and thanks for a great day of tuition! I'm thoroughly knackered mentally but have learnt lots!!" - Road day Megane R26

"Thanks a lot for yesterday - we had a great time and could not believe how much we learned - driving will now be a far more involved experience as we try to hone the skills we began to learn yesterday. Were totally knackered last night.  Coming down the hill at the end of the day was a great example of how much of a difference a quality drive can make - the young lad in the tuned up 2.0T Audi was giving it his all to try and put distance between us - loads of noise, black smoke and tyre squeal as we serenely followed and kept pace without a any fuss at all - only used 4th all the way down! Didn't seem to be able to loose the fella in the Fiat Panda though... (our 100HP Panda following the 225 Megane) Will continue to practise and hope we will be able to arrange another day some time in the future - maybe on the track....?"

We really do make a real and immediately recognisable improvement to your driving, or riding; As two instructors of over 30 years of combined teaching ( as well as racing)  we have the experience in getting you to understand the idiosyncrasies and dynamics of high performance vehicles; we show you the glitches and transients in your drive that you may have never noticed. These create issues. We take your understanding and appreciation of driving to a higher level; explain the physics; translate it to the drive: 

Generally, the aim is to enable a swift, safe and effortlessly smooth flow to your drive or ride, whether on a race-track or road, in a racecar or on a motorbike. 

Porsche 911 GT3RS and MR2 at Bruntingthorpe test facililty. Drivertuition.com We observe the way you currently drive, analyse it and then guide you into making easily implemented changes to your drive. You spend time with us; you improve; simple as that. 

And we listen to what you particularly want to achieve in the session and then aim to facilitate it.  Whatever your level

If you race; you want to improve your heel and toe technique, carry more corner speed or brake later, understand your car's dynamics, how you unwittingly generate slip angles, how the front of the car washes out on corner entry. We engage all of these. Perhaps as a competing hillclimber, you want to be inch-perfect, avoid loss of momentum, want to understand true turn-in points. 

Has anyone ever taught you how to really look at a corner - surely it's obvious? You've just done your ARDS but you've left feeling there's got to be more to it than that?

Pick up the 'phone for a chat. Or we ring you back. Costs nothing....  There's no predetermined agenda beyond your own aims/objectives. We spend time with you, your driving/riding improves significantly: Road or Track. Simple. No pressure, no test, no failing.

For all enquiries please ring (or text) +44(0)7876 576 320  or +44(0)1925 26 33 54   or email on enquire@drivertuition.com

Give us a call now and discuss options

More information is available on the track and advanced pages, but there is further general information below...

sabine schmitz in the drivertuition BMW M3 at the NurburgringWe have organised one-off events, can handle logistics to visit almost any circuit or venue you wish and will facilitate almost whatever driving scenario you care to do. For this reason we have some very satisfied major clients.  You tell us what your aim is; we create an effective solution. From race drivers to footballers. With a client base in the UK, Europe, and now the States and even Russia we go the extra mile to help develop your drive.

Who do we cater for? Everyone who comes to us is provided with the training that they themselves desire. As an example, our recent clients have included track sessions in their own vehicles (The Murcielago LP670SV pictured above, Ferrari 599, BMW M3 V8, Audi RS4, Elise series 2 and Exiges seem to have been popular choices recently - even a Shelby 500 Mustang!) and our M3s, road sessions in cars varying from Renault Clio R27 and Megane R26, Civic Type R, BMW V8 M3, Z4M, 993, 996 and 997, 360 & F430, S-class Mercedes and a variTuition at the Nurburgringed mix of tuned cars from a very quick EVO to a little MX5. From the Lake District to Germany: And from performance car hire companies, to Radical racers to very nervous motorway drivers.

Typical feedback from a recent client - "Hi Mike,  just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and your company and would be keen to organise another driving day over the next few months. As we discussed, I was aware of some of my driving flaws (not as many as you kindly pointed out!) but didn't have the knowledge as to what I needed to do to improve these. What I found really pleasing about yesterday was that often it was only small adjustments or simple technique changes that you showed me which predominantly ironed these out. I have really taken on board your tips and advice and already I am slowly starting to notice a change in my driving style, smoothness and overall awareness. Thanks again."

Photo - recent Nurburgring training session



Whether in car or bike we can provide advanced training to meet your needs. dave about to do some pillion demonstration rides somewhere in the Eiffel mountains?

Whether high performance Porsche or Ferrari or a humble hatchback we give you a  very powerful insight into what you ask of the car and the road in your drive. We look at how you position your car, how you consider your risks, balance the vehicle on power, under braking or through corners and how each of these aspects can be developed further. It's a very interesting day; driving, watching, evaluating: Tiring but satisfying!

Spot the fact that we're teaching abroad! Watching the road, the hands, the feet, the mirrors gives the instructor quite a bit to do, even from the passenger seat of the BMWAs RoSPA Advanced Instruction diploma instructors, as well as fleet/DSA certification, we can take you to IAM advanced or RoSPA advanced Gold standard, or above. Whether you want certification or not at advanced level, the choice is yours. We also have significant performance and track experience, enabling you to understand what you are asking of the car in terms of vehicle dynamic loadings. This takes the day above normal advanced instruction.

If you want to take your own driving or riding to an advanced level without the tests - great. We always support improved standards.

"That makes things so much easier I can't believe I  wasn't doing that before" - a client discussing a technique just demonstratedAdvanced road techniques on motorways

OPTIONS FOR OUR ADVANCED COURSES INCLUDE tuition in you CAR or a vehicle supplied by us

[We are fully comprehensively insured for any full  licence-holder to experience performance instruction on road, in our vehicle or yours, whether a Fiesta or a 430 Scuderia)

There is a whole range of skills under the heading of "advanDave giving tips on how to drive the Donington GP circuit in a 996 Porsche 911 GT3. Race tuition at race speedsced" driving. Some people want to feel more comfortable on busy roads, to remove the nervous apprehension they feel on the down ramp of the motorway; some want to perfect the art of heel and toe or double declutching. Others want to be able to drive their car, perhaps like the high performance Porsche GT3 here, better, smoother, to drive more confidently. For some the last thing they want is a test. For these people the Institute of Advanced Motorists -IAM - or RoSPA approach may not be ideal.

In fact, during the session we will explain why certain aspects of standard IAM or Police driving methodology do not work when the rate of progress is increased beyond a certain point. But you can only change the system when you understand why it is there and why you may need to "dis-apply" it.

Whether a confident or nervous driver, experienced or just passed, what we offer is a very open approach to improvement in driving. If you want to take your driving to a higher level we help get you there. IAM pre-test or RoSPA tuition sessions always available. Check the advanced section for course information. Also, we can reduce your insurance premium on your performance vehicle. Talk to us about discounted insurance deals on performance cars when you take one of our Roadcraft courses.

Dave giving Porsche 911 GT3 track instruction around Oulton Park in a clients vehicle

Roadcraft - the police driving manual - forms the basis for all of our advanced driving tuition; but our teaching always maintains a flexible, pragmatic approach

 Race-Track and High Performance Driving Courses - what we specialise in....


Track and Performance driving options

Visit RMA - The UK's top trackday organiserTypically we instruct in our clients' own vehicles. Track prepared BMW E36 M3 ready for another lap of Bedford Autodrome

For track opportunities we utilise trackday slots with a range of trackday organisers, but actively support Colin at Javelin, Jonny at Bookatrack, Chris and Darren at Circuitdays and Graham Clarke and his colleagues at RMA. We also book Blyton Park and Bruntingthorpe for specific testing and development days.

Toyota MR2 Spyder on track at Bedford AutodromeWe currently can provide a Suzuki Swift Sport or Mugen Honda Type R for learning the basics, but predominantly train customers in own cars.

BMW M3 at Bedford Autodrome

You get expert instruction: We don't aim to scare the whatsits out of you or impress you with how fast we are. Instead we aim to develop your drive and understanding of the car. Neither do you sit around for half a day waiting for your 6 minutes of "Ferrari experience". We teach you for 100% of the time; learning whilst at the same time enjoying yourself. You may find it tiring, but also exhilarating! You won't find small print limiting you to "6 miles of track driving" as you will on certain "experience" sites.

In a typical day's instruction you will be actually driving under instruction for anything up to track 70 laps or 180 road miles. 

That's a lot of improvement time!

Whether you are a racer, would-be or nervous "track-day driver", the gift-for-the-spouse or just an enthusiast, this training is far more effective than spending money on your car. It really does work well and you WILL NOT be disappointed. And the advantage it gives you stays with you when you change cars. Learn the most effective way to brake and turn in to a corner so that the car does all the work for you, where to work the car and where definitely not to. It's all very interesting and not relevant only to the track that you happen to be at on the day.

A wide range of instruction options are available - ring for details as we offer very bespoke driver training. Check out the track section. It's worth a look. For car groups we can offer an instructor to be with you for the day to share amongst your drivers.


Paul, learning where to position the car on a racetrack with drivertuition.com






Instruction around Donington racetrack

"We've just added 15 mph to our corner speed in the FQ340" - AJ

"Thanks again for yesterday – I have been grinning all day!" - OJ

"I've taken tuition a dozen times or more before at different circuits and, simply put, learned more today than all the others put together. You presented some really interesting ideas that make a significant difference. The greater understanding of the physics of the drive that you presented was particularly beneficial, as was the psychology lesson!!  The amusing part was your assessment regarding the car setup - my race engineer reckoned you must have been secretly sitting in on our debriefing from last week. Please advise availability for future sessions. Again, many thanks.

"You described so calmly and accurately the errors that guy in the M3 we passed was making on your demo drive. It's such a shame he put the car on the roof before we got a chance to talk to him" - Donington Park - where instruction is cheaper than a new shell.



 Motorbike learner and advanced training....

CBT to bike test 33 BHP licence,  unlimited licence DAS, Intensive, Instructor coursesbike training in the north west with West Pennine

Bikes  Click on the link for motorbike training to take you to the dedicated rider training website. With a full range of residential motorbike training courses from CBT to test, motorbike hire and pre-booked tests there is an option for every learner biker. A full range of motorbike training course options available. For motorcycle training enquiries only telephone the office on: 01254 698907,click on the link, or complete the online booking form .

"If it's good enough instruction for an ex-World Superbike Champion it should be pretty OK for you too"

 "Residential bike training courses for all levels of experience"

 Ladies at Drivertuition

For women drivers and  lady drivers

Mel about to drive around Donington racetrack - she did a passplus with us first then wanted more instructionFemale Drivers: Unlike some establishments there is no gender bias to our instruction. We have had many lady drivers and riders as clients who really value the straight, non-patronising approach we take: In fact some of our very best drivers on track and road have been ladies, young and not so young!

If you want a day improving your skill or driving style, perhaps learning to drive a performance vehicle you have recently acquired, then talk to us; or you fancy taking your car on track, without wanting the environment to be in any way threatening or pressurising; again, call us. You will really enjoy your day/session.

 What next?     Call us on +44 (0)7876 576 320  or +44 (0)1925 263 354 to discuss, ask any questions or raise issues...

Our clients include some of the most prestigious companies and individuals out there.....

 EVENTS: Drivertuition.com meets Microsoft XBOX 360, Project Gotham:  Sabine Schmitz & Mike Cooper at the Nurburgring
sabine schmitz in the drivertuition bmw m3Drivertuition hosts an event at the Nurburgring for journalists and TV and media chaps. Launch of the new Project Gotham Racing 4 game on the XBOX360 October 2007.

We have journalists, Microsoft staff,sabine schmitz and mike cooper being interviewed for extreme TV PGR4's designer and PR company JCPR Edelman staff on hand, all provided with the option of driving around the grüne hölle for real!

Our friend Sabine Schmitz, as ever, lends a hand and is a willing interviewee for the video guys.

Instructor Mike Cooper describes required driving stylepositioning on the roads around the nurburgring

project gotham racing 4 at the nurburgring

ABOVE: Mike Cooper, explaining to our journalist friends what we're looking for in the drive,  before we can hit the track. Here Mike is discussing how the weather around the Nürburgring can seriously change the track conditions, with its significant altitude variation around the track - 334m or 1000ft!

First, above, on to the roads around the Eiffel mountains to practise some basic positioning and steering skills. Bike may be riding on the right but we're looking for best position for the hairpin ahead.

LEFT. With bike and car available, just like in the game, the Nurburgring can bite. Here the track's just closed as the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Game over is for real here!


Sabine about to give US some instruction around the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife - here first with Mike Cooper. Always try and learn more...

Sabine Schmitz, the renowned Nurburgring expert and driver of the Nurburgring taxi, about to give me some useful pointers around the  Nordschleife - the 'ring. It all helps us keep ahead of the game, and give value to our instruction to you, our customers. See track section for tuition options on driving the Nordschleife - the original  Nurburgring circuit.

(If you visit the Nurburgring, with us or independently, you can't do better than stay in the Hotel Am Tiergarten owned by Frau Schmitz, Sabine's mother and excellent host. Am Tiergarten has rooms which overlook the circuit and, with the Pistenklause bar and restaurant attached (adorned from floor to ceiling with racing signatures, pictures and artifacts from every racer you can think of) it definitely has to be visited.) For Nurburgring track tuition please see the performance section of our website.


Thanks for visiting and drop us an email to tell us what you think.

Mike Cooper ADI Grade6, ADI Fleet, IAM, RoSPA Gold and Diploma - advanced instruction , B.Sc Physics, Postgraduate teaching certificate,  ISO 9002 assessor

Track driving -you drive us- we drive you, feeling the balance of the car on track, safe and  FAST

Quick lap in a Seat Leon Cupra - don't make the presumption that the Porsche 911 GT3 RS was catching up!!!!

OK Sabine - Let me just show you how to use the camber through Hohe Acht - Sabine Schmitz and Dave Robinson at the NurburgringAbove: Action at Donington Park in the Seat Leon Cupra with a demo drive by Mike Cooper.


Left at the Nurburgring - more driver training - this time Dave Robinson is taking instruction from  Sabine Schmitz! It's a hard life but someone has to do it...

More customer comments...

"...could never figure out what I was doing in corners that made the car feel so wrong. Now I understand. "

"The car ( Nissan 350Z) felt like it needed a suspension upgrade before today. This afternoon it's now so much nicer a car to drive I really like it the way it is!"

"I've crashed my last three cars. Now, I realise why!"

If you have any comments or observations about our website please drop us a line. We aim to be informative and helpful and will always happily advise if you have any questions - we don't try and sell you what isn't appropriate. We would rather advise you on what's best for you.

Mike Cooper



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