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A. Intensive three day advanced road course 

Aim - to develop a highly managed drive, creating a level of awareness consistent with class 1 Police driving standards but with greater consideration of the balance of the vehicle. Although Police class 1 can involve up to 11 weeks of training we introduce the same significant safety and management strategies employed in driving a vehicle on public roads with maximum safety and full appreciation of limits and risk, whilst paying due regard to road traffic laws and legislation required of any law-abiding driver. We will also introduce some tactical risk management strategies, understanding of self-discipline with vehicle and others and provide a framework from which you can take your driving to a significantly higher level.

You will be introduced to a defined approach to managing involvement with other road users, managing your own vehicle both from a dynamic and a risk perspective -  and also come to realise how your behaviour and physiological interaction with the "control surfaces" impacts critically on control of the vehicle.  We will alter your thinking in a very advantageous way and give you better and more consistent control of vehicle dynamics, leading to greater confidence in vehicle and self.


You will be exposed to a wide variety of road conditions during the driving. You have the option of running as a three consecutive day block, or as separated days. We prefer to run on some of the more testing Welsh road routes on second/third day ideally. Your interaction with the car, the management of vehicle dynamics and relationship with other road users are considered in depth, to give a much greater appreciation of the the three Ps - Physics, Psychology and Physiology - which we consider to form the basis of fully managed driving. This is consistent whether driving on road, track, high-risk, desert-based or high stress situation driving. In effect a pilot's training for the road.....


If you successfully demonstrate capability and the right attitude on the course you will be offered the opportunity to join our Driver's Club, where further off-road skills, track driving and other events can be undertaken. Details on request.


Hi Mike, hope you are well. Thought I would drop you a line, as we discussed at the end of the three day driving course I did with you, though maybe a little later than I had planned....I really just wanted to say thank you so much for all the input and instruction that you gave to me, I really had such a brilliant time, and feel that I learned so much. You asked me to send you some thoughts about how it all went, but actually because there has been a delay in doing this, it has given me more time to put what I learned into practise anyway. Because I don't actually drive that often, as I use the tube to get to work, it took a while for me to even get some time behind the wheel in the first place....So what I am amazed by, is that I initially asked you to teach me how to overtake on country roads as a priority, but in fact, the main difference it has made has been how I drive in London!....Understanding road positioning better has been particularly useful, and I am also surprised at how much of it has totally stuck with me. And I still have 'sticky velcro fingers' on the wheel, I am still changing gear properly (including the hand positioning...), and find myself saying 'don't get involved' every time I see a car slowing down in front of me, whatever the circumstances...I have become much better on approaches to all junctions, super aware of road positioning, the whole lot. Well, I think so...hope you would too...The only thing I really can't get is the crossing hands over on the wheel, which I didn't master when I was with you, but I am still practising that one....But even better, I have actually started overtaking now, when I have been out of London on those lovel country roads...I am no longer a 'sticky' driver in a big slow line. Though I confess I am only confident to do that in my own Golf as I know what it can do....I drove my sister's very weedy little Corsa recently, and it just didn't have the power to do anything.....but either way before I would have been happy to sit behind tractors but not now, so mission accomplished all round as far as I am concerned.......What I would like to do though is carry on practising and maybe come back for another day in the spring, just for a refresher? I will contact you after Christmas to see if we can book a date for that.....Kindest regards M 

(27 Oct 3 day residential in our vehicle)


Three day road - North West or Wales based. Other areas possible

Track &  Defensive Driver Development Courses

Please call before booking a track-based course. We have a range of options available for 2019. We moved track training on significantly through 2017/8, using core-skill strategies, significantly different to other UK track-based instruction, rather than just "instructing" on a trackday. 

As a result of running both track and tactical courses - these question how people really adapt to taking on new skills and whether we truly listen when under stress - we are incorporating approaches employed in dealing with high risk, undesirable outcomes. The result is high speed training from a developmental perspective.  Important when training for true capability, hence why we encourage logging your training.

Challenging, effective and highly enjoyable A cross between precision, race and the protection world!

B. Standard Track Driver Course: Competency with understanding is the aim: Where the driver becomes comfortable with traffic, the car and themselves, understands the advantages and disadvantages of racing lines, can understand how to control the balance of the car effectively and also understand how to survive and enjoy track days without placing unnecessary wear rates in the car, ultimately leading towards race capability as required. Breakdown of the days:-

Day 1: Completed on Road. After many years of running these courses this is now a critical part of our track training courses. You soon realise why this works once you start the day!

How you sit in the vehicle and operate the controls - the ergonomics of the drive Steering and rotations Modulation of brake and weight transfer control Modulation of throttle and brake w.r.t steering Lines into corners, lines out of corners and recognition of true apex points Tension in you and how it transfers to the car Gear-change techniques Gear-change hand timings - no-one gets this right! Where you look - observation techniques How you manage/control other vehicles -this transfers directly across to managing other cars on track. How all the inputs you unwittingly create have a subtle effect on car stability and steerability.

The physics of the brake, turn and throttle.

At end of the session you get a written précis of your drive, to be referred to on the second session.

Day 2: Track 1 (e.g. Bedford) 

Prep before taking car on track. This is sent across before the day and would be talked about on day 1. All of the day 1 points are now referenced to the higher speeds on track. We are looking at maximising the use of balance within the car to minimise the requirement for grip, so that, ultimately, we can use the grip to take a balanced drive up to much higher speeds. Also looking at how other cars and drivers behave on track and how to manage flow through other vehicles whilst on track. Recognition of lines is taught, in such a way that it is not circuit specific. Also, understanding how we fatigue, recognising the signs of this and learning how to manage temperatures going on and coming off track.  Option of filming throughout day.

Day 3: Track 2 (e.g. Donington)

Development of all of the above. Emphasis on recognition of lines, but now on a track with camber and elevation, so more testing in terms of balance and where one corner flows into the next, compromising initial turn-in points. Initial part of day would be done with minimal gear-changing before we bring this back in and see how turn-ins are effected. Logging of laps/section times for comparison purposes. Option of filming throughout day.

C. Test track /Defensive driver course:

Day 1 as above. Individual day. These give you the homework/prep for day 2. They are not run consecutively but are stand-alone days.

Day 2: You will join a small group (not exceeding 6) on one of our exclusive test-track-based days, where skills of managing you and your own car can be honed in safety, but also beyond grip, with repeat exercises, classroom discussion and presentations. You will be encouraged to drive up to and beyond both you and your car's limits; you may be put against a watch; you will feel pressure; we will want precision: But you will also really enjoy it immensely! And it doesn't matter what level of ability or confidence you are as you never hold anyone up - or held back by someone in the group. A Fiesta can fit right in with a Porsche.

The environment is highly managed, unlike on a normal trackday - and there are "comms" in all cars. We progressively add extra elements to your drive and your surroundings through the day. You get refreshments and lunch provided. So, not a trackday then.....

Book below:

  • Track Course B can be bought as instruction or inclusive of the trackday booking fees.

  • Course C is fully inclusive of track costs and refreshments/lunch. First available of the day2 session is mid April. See availability for spaces on this part.


Track Development training course - 3 day


If Google has lead you here and you haven't checked our track, advanced or course structure pages then please do, to see what we offer.

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