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Not any old armco! Stavelot corner on the original 14.1Km Spa circuit, last used in 1978


Our group training days in 2017 are proving to be particularly successful, so we have continued to develop these through 2018 and into 2019 with new elements and testing conditions to develop the driver. We had a fantastic Spa and Nurburgring visit (Oct 2/3/4) last year and have now just returned from our Le Mans trip of two days on track, where a lot of the lessons learned from the skills drills were put into practice. 


Skill drills training days are proving to be a big success. With new exercises and new drivers joining us we have expanded this training area as it is proving to work so well. Ably assisted now by Bob we are really moving things on to create some really testing exercises. But fun too, with timed sprints and chase-car scenarios. Where else can you do this? Nowhere!


"Hi Mike, Thanks for today, I really enjoyed it and how you, Bob, Steve and Mark ran everything." - Alex BMW M5

"Great day - thank you" - Graham AMG GT S - 19/20 June 2019


Next available dates: Aug 22, Sept 17, Nov 1. 





We have been working on these developmental strategies for training, looking both at dynamic control skills for fastest and safest drive, but also with serious consideration of "what can go wrong". We then train for scenarios. We look at the psychological influences on the driver and work, through this training, to enable a greater degree of control of self, events and behaviours. The impetus for this comes from tactical approaches for training for worst case scenarios as well as having professional experience of tactical/SEG training not available to civilians. Adrenaline often imparts the least positive response when not practised for. All we need from you is some self discipline and we will provide the rest.


The classroom discussions, the practical repeated running through of a scenario and then combining into a precision activity or timed run(s) has come from running many such courses for other professional bodies -as well as having been taught ourselves!  But operating them ourselves gives us the flexibility to really work on new ideas, many of which are unique to civilian UK training. You will need to go the States to receive similar approaches.


Check the video out here of a training session.


This is carried across to our road and track events, meaning we prep for the unwanted. So we have first aid training, emergency kit, comms equipment to keep things professional and safe. But also involve all of the group to make it rewarding, relevant and, in particular, fun!


We have upcoming S-D training days for new entrants - call for a chat. 01925 263 354 or 07876 576 320



   Mike - Road /  Track specialist

2019 Events


"Beyond the limit" track training


Le Mans and Zolder


North Wales Road and Track


Tour to include Croft/Knockhill




  Isle of Man TT circuit road training



Justin - Performance Road & Tactical 


Below you can capture a flavour of some of the events we have run over the last year or two.




 If interested in joining us come and do a day's road training and see what we are all about.












In 2014 we started running events, trips and courses specifically for invited participants: Current clients who have already expressed an interest in particular tracks, venues or expeditions and who have also demonstrated an intelligent approach to developing their driving. We carried this on through 2015-18 and this now forms the core of our extended road and track ventures as we move into the 2019 programme.


We have run these very successfully over the last few years, but the difference now is that we now have a cohort of skilled drivers whom we have invited to become part of " The Drivers " group. Members have already attended training sessions with DRIVERTUITION and have then subsequently been given the opportunity to join - and then take part in - a range of exclusive driving road-trips and track events. 









The Drivers  ethos? Like-minded individuals who:-

  • have driving as a passion, 

  • have an intelligent approach to cars and their own driving

  • value camaraderie and supporting of others in the group as much as their own enjoyment

  • desire to be the best drivers in the business

Following on from events we have previously run we have a critical mass of drivers who share those common values and, importantly, now have very high standards of drive in a range of environments. This "spectrum of driving capability" together with a supportive outlook is what " The Drivers " group is all about. On joining you will be presented with opportunities to gain further skills, to produce a quality managed road drive, be able to drive around a track effectively and safely; and also cope with a pressure driving situation. Those who join us will share these opportunities. It's all about the ongoing development path with fun, challenge, expertise sharing, events and memories: Low key but high standards.



If you think this is for you - are interested in joining the group- then book a training session. If you then feel that what we are about is for you express an interest and an invitation to an assessed session will follow. There is a "standard" requirement. BUT, it makes no difference whether you drive an Aston or a Fiesta. It's all about the attitude..... 


Combining skills of the Police response environment management matched to progress, with race driver balance and chauffeur finesse .......




Perhaps THIS is the time to start developing the total range of skills necessary to be a great driver:  

Safe, Smooth, and Swift


Andy Bell tackling Spa June 2016, using braking techniques gleaned on a road day in the Peak district and then further training at Spa on one of our trips. Finished 13th overall in a field of over 70 cars. Well done Andy.


A successful day at the Nurburgring is finished off with an evening celebratory drink in Adenau, at the  Blau Ecke. April 2017

A little of the flavour of previous years






Some of the guys back in 2014, on the Nurburg castle tower, overlooking the Nuburgring circuit




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