I've personally been involved with training for several decades, aiming to get people more comfortable with their cars, competent, safe, quick, lower risk. I have never solely worked in one place / venue at any point when training. This, I personally feel, is not conducive to dealing with the unexpected or unusual, or indeed helpful in creating a flexible approach. You end up knowing the place better than the client and see it in a different way. This does not easily create transferable or long-lasting skills, though it can be useful as part of a package of development.

Many trainers get comfortable in one venue, or one make of car or teaching a certain technique. But this means you fit in with their system. Now if you have the time and can visit all of the options, try them all out, you will eventually have a spectrum of experience, build up a range of skills and learn to combine the best bits to enable broad-spectrum competence. This is kind of what I have done over many years, but whilst wearing the covert instructor's hat! But it's time-consuming and expensive!

My aim has always been to use the best bits of all and then combine to produce something good and worthwhile - and also what will work with the client. But the best bit is that it is always evolving as you can always learn something new, even when you've had half a century of learning stuff!  So, here's a bit, but not all, of my/our experience:-

Road Training

  • Trained in fast and slow cars alike for significantly over twenty years with probably thousands of people - who occasionally feel like they don't want to live a long time! From the good to the bad to the irritating to those who are an absolute pleasure!

  • RoSPA Advanced Diploma trainer 15yrs+

  • Porsche Silverstone Centre Instructor/Driving Consultant  8yrs

  • DSA Driving Instructor Grade A - previously the top grade 6

  • DSA Fleet instructor

  • Postgrad in teaching

Track Training

  • 20years+ coaching in all manner of road, race and sports GT cars

  • Palmersport instructor M3, Atom, off-road.

  • Porsche centre instructor -all versions of 911, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera

  • Palmersport youngdrive instructor

  • Coached on every major UK track and many European, including Spa, Le Mans, Zolder, Zandvoort and significant time at the Nurburgring.

High Risk Training

  • Precision, reversing, J Turn training etc as part of hijack-aware and drivers club courses

  • Bodyguard driver training

  • Anti-hijack course development via very experienced ex-SEG officer

  • Tactical training, again care of significant input from our close-protection trained officer

  • Off-road training including operations in high risk areas

  • Desert training including several years operating in Northern Sahara in 4x4 and 6x6 etc.

  • Mine-clearance trained and explosives operative.

  • Weapons/firearms trained

  • Self-defence trained

The aim of our own training is to feed relevant elements of the above into your course, so that you benefit from all or part of the above experience. You will receive lots of simple tips, thoughts, ideas that are guaranteed to stay with you and may one day save you in a "yet-to-occur" situation - and enable you to enjoy your car!


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