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How the training works for real:  

"(24/6/19) Advanced/performance road day with a keen young man (24yo) in his Focus ST. In the back, his dad, who had done a session a few weeks earlier in his Boxster GTS and was keen to have his son do the same, to keep him safe. A common theme... 

09:00 meet in a retail park! Coffee and chat. A few quick checks & off for a few tours of picturesque but busy Chester, managing space and self; then to the dual carriageways and following that out into the wilds. Coffee stop for a discussion then into mixed open road work where we end up, as we often do, in same Welsh cafe car parks as the class 1 lads, having training in BMW and Octavias. Much the same processes as us, just that we're aiming to put 4 weeks training into the day! A spot of lunch, then more driving, discussing, learning, absorption up to the 16:00 stop for debrief, thoughts etc.

Both father and son gained massively from the day, both found it tiring, but very thought-provoking. They are both coming back to share one of our off road SKILL-DRILLS days sharing the Porsche.

It's really nice to be able to see both sharing ideas, coming on, reflecting, dad talking about even just a few situations since the last training and how what we covered on his previous training is already feeding into real situation management on road. It's a privilege to teach young and old, alter people's perspective, add enjoyment - AND keep people safe."

(Partners always welcome on training days).

  "A good drive is 95% you and 5% the car. So think about investing in oneself!"


Advanced Driving = constant readiness for what if's, consideration of behaviours generated by self, vehicle & environment. If it physically could happen, plan for it. We make this plan part of your everyday drive, in such a way that you will always employ the processes. Once introduced you will wonder how you ever did it any other way. But, we combine this with the balance of a racedriver - and a good one at that! This is the secret of driving and so we also introduce you to the balance secrets of the best race driver. This is how we differ in our approach.

 Advanced Road Instruction in an Audi A8

ROAD TRAINING DAY: Think Class 1 Police management of space, combined with Schumacher balance of car.


EXAMPLE: take an average helicopter pilot, perfectly adept at taking off and landing the craft. A pilot with a high degree of training will appear to do the same, but they will have constant consideration of failure of engine/torque control all the way into the landing or on take-off to 1000+ft. Both will work fine every time. Except when it goes wrong. And who is to know when that will be, or indeed if ever? One of our team is a very experienced ex-military helicopter pilot and trainer and it is this kind of experience & professional training that has significantly influenced our driver training, the training you receive.


Driving is about more than just your control of your own vehicle - though this is obviously a significant part of it. It's about recognising and managing environment, risk and behaviours around you, whilst at the same time being able to predict what the next several seconds of driving are likely to throw at you: Evaluation of the space that you are taking the car into;  managing and understanding the drivers in front, around and behind you.  If you can do all this then, perhaps, you can begin to assess and thus control risk. Whether on road or track there is no different!

But you also have to manage yourself - and then physiological interaction between you and the car. You will be surprised to find out how much you influence the behaviour and feeling of the car by how you sit, hold the wheel, change gear and so much more. In our training you will learn to recognise how the slightest muscle relaxations, timed with specific inputs, will have a dramatic effect on making the car more predictable, safe and ultimately more capable. Once you can do this then we can start to look at the physics and the dynamics of the vehicle itself - potentially to a race-winning level. If you think that you steer the car with your hands you will be introduced to a whole new world of car control. And this has nothing to do with sliding a car around. We guarantee you will find it interesting, confidence-building and rewarding.

And so develops confidence through developing repeatable skill: And you may have to also manage distraction. 

SO.. to phase two of our training: SKILL-DRILLS DAY

We introduce processes and exercises that enable you to better manage you, car and what is around you. It's really interesting and the best part is, it will instantly click and make sense. Managing the car is all about you, so you don't need to worry what your car is. If you control you, then whether sat in an AMG GT S or a Nissan Micra (both cars from 2019 training days!) it matters not.

But of course if you own what I would term a "spiky" car, one that requires greater finesse of inputs, this will significantly benefit you and enable much more confidence in the vehicle. Our skill-drills days really work with this kind of vehicle.

"YOU Managing YOU is the most important part of any training, whether civvy or military. 

If you don't have discipline of self you will not make a good driver. If you do, we provide the rest."

You receive elements of ethos of IAM & RoSPA, but combined with race-driver balance, SEG awareness and services-style skill training. Why have one style of training when you can benefit from aspects of all of them! Use our array of experience to develop your own.

With the latest attack on two footballers highlighting the need for safety and anti-hijack techniques, this confirms our approach of always including personal safety suggestions on every road training session we do, especially when the client has a "desirable car". 

The next time you stop for fuel or a coffee, will you be thinking about safety? 

If the answer is no, then that's what the miscreant is relying on.. road training in a Civic Type R in Adenau Germany 


Take part in a one-to-one road course (one or multi-day) and ideally add on a skill-drills day. Sessions are conducted in your vehicle, although we can organise a vehicle if required.



If safety is your priority visit Tac-Tick  where you can take part in a range of defensive and hijack-aware driver training courses to suit client and business needs, plus company training courses for work-related driving for both car and van. 





Skills through our skill-drill days are developed to the highest levels available outside the services. These share similarities to the military, protection and some of the American race school training schemes, aimed at giving you the best and most testing driver training available in the UK or beyond. We train across the UK, in Europe and further afield.


And if you have a real desire to develop your drive and work with like minded individuals we don't abandon you once you have done your day(s). We aim to look after our clients and ultimately, if you like progressing yourself intelligently, we invite you to venues further afield via our drivers events. Your first day with us becomes the first entry in your log book of driving development: And day 1 of enjoying your car(s) intelligently.


Skill-drills development training is conducted on a proper private test track, not just an airfield with some cones. Involving high speed manoeuvres and carefully developed exercises as a means to understand vehicle and driver dynamics, this is an important part of track preparation and defensive courses.  



NOTE- Next skill-drills days: Nov 1, Dec 13(FULL), Feb 3 - FURTHER DETAILS below..


Skill-drills driver training with


Dear Mike, First of all I would like to thank you for unbelievable experience I had last Saturday.It was all challenging and enjoyable at the same time to understand my driving habits through professional expertise you brought in...I am implementing all of the tips and suggestions you have provided on daily basis so hopefully it won't take long till I will enjoy my car like never before.. I understand it will take time to master the art of driving but You can count on me trying to get even close to your level ;)Again thank you for this and I will be in touch....MF 

Aston Martin Vantage V12S on-road driver training "Dear Mike, It was really good to meet you last week Wednesday and just wanted to thank you so much for your driving tuition. Your calm, reassuring, positive and good humoured driving techniques have helped my driving anxiety enormously. I now want to get out in the car and practise what we discussed. I particularly found your technique of scanning the environment to see who or what may become 'a part in a scene of my play' very beneficial. I now want to use my positive experience to build my confidence on the road. I am aiming to feel comfortable, relaxed and safe behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is something I have not felt or wanted to do for a very long time! Is it worth having some more tuition some time in the future to polish up my skills when I feel a lot more comfortable and experienced? Thank you again.

Kind regards Rosemary"


ROAD Day, SKILL DRILL day?  Or both...


1. Our Intensive 3 day advanced road course - (single road day option below)

Aim - to develop a highly managed drive, creating a level of awareness consistent with class 1 Police driving standards but with greater consideration of the balance of the vehicle. Although Police class 1 can involve up to 11 weeks of training we introduce the same significant safety and management strategies employed in driving a vehicle on public roads with maximum safety and full appreciation of limits and risk, whilst paying due regard to road traffic laws and legislation required of any law-abiding driver. We will also introduce some tactical risk management strategies, understanding of self-discipline with vehicle and others and provide a framework from which you can take your driving to a significantly higher level.Road driver training with

You will be introduced to a defined approach to managing involvement with other road users, managing your own vehicle both from a dynamic and a risk perspective -  and also come to realise how your behaviour and physiological interaction with the "control surfaces" impacts critically on control of the vehicle.  We will alter your thinking in a very advantageous way and give you better and more consistent control of vehicle dynamics, leading to greater confidence in vehicle and self.


You will be exposed to a wide variety of road conditions during the driving. You have the option of running as a three consecutive day block, or as separated days. We prefer to run on some of the more testing Welsh road routes on second/third day ideally. Your interaction with the car, the management of vehicle dynamics and relationship with other road users are considered in depth, to give a much greater appreciation of the the three Ps - Physics, Psychology and Physiology - which we consider to form the basis of fully managed driving. This is consistent whether driving on road, track, high-risk, desert-based or high stress situation driving. In effect a pilot's training for the road.....


Successfully demonstrate capability and the right attitude on the course and you can then join- if you so wish -our Driver's group, where further off-road skills, track driving and other events are undertaken. Details on request.


Hi Mike, hope you are well. Thought I would drop you a line, as we discussed at the end of the three day driving course I did with you, though maybe a little later than I had planned....I really just wanted to say thank you so much for all the input and instruction that you gave to me, I really had such a brilliant time, and feel that I learned so much. You asked me to send you some thoughts about how it all went, but actually because there has been a delay in doing this, it has given me more time to put what I learned into practise anyway. Because I don't actually drive that often, as I use the tube to get to work, it took a while for me to even get some time behind the wheel in the first place....So what I am amazed by, is that I initially asked you to teach me how to overtake on country roads as a priority, but in fact, the main difference it has made has been how I drive in London!....Understanding road positioning better has been particularly useful, and I am also surprised at how much of it has totally stuck with me. And I still have 'sticky velcro fingers' on the wheel, I am still changing gear properly (including the hand positioning...), and find myself saying 'don't get involved' every time I see a car slowing down in front of me, whatever the circumstances...I have become much better on approaches to all junctions, super aware of road positioning, the whole lot. Well, I think so...hope you would too...The only thing I really can't get is the crossing hands over on the wheel, which I didn't master when I was with you, but I am still practising that one....But even better, I have actually started overtaking now, when I have been out of London on those lovel country roads...I am no longer a 'sticky' driver in a big slow line. Though I confess I am only confident to do that in my own Golf as I know what it can do....I drove my sister's very weedy little Corsa recently, and it just didn't have the power to do anything.....but either way before I would have been happy to sit behind tractors but not now, so mission accomplished all round as far as I am concerned.......What I would like to do though is carry on practising and maybe come back for another day in the spring, just for a refresher? I will contact you after Christmas to see if we can book a date for that.....Kindest regards M 


Three day road - North West or Wales based. Other areas possible

2. SKILL-DRILLS: Single Road day plus Track/Defensive Driver Development skills day

Our track training changed significantly in early 2017, moving to developing core-skill though track-based strategic "skill-drills". These are significantly different to other UK track-based instruction, as rather than just "instructing" on a trackday you learn through repeated and extremely varied exercises the whole range of skills necessary to control the car -and yourself under pressure - for when either you venture onto race circuits or you need to be able to handle an on-road event, either your potential momentary loss of control of the car, or dealing with a hazard or threat that could prove otherwise "difficult".

Having run both track and tactical courses for many years - and questioning how people really adapt to taking on new skills and whether we truly listen when under stress - we have incorporated approaches and techniques employed in dealing with high risk, undesirable outcomes, aggressive manoeuvres, skid, lock-up etc. Lots of fun but VERY instructive! 

Skill-drills driver training with Drivertuition.comThe result is high speed and precision driver training with a development path.  Important when training for true capability, hence why we encourage logging your training. Challenging, effective and highly enjoyable. A cross between precision, race and the protection world!

You join a small group (typically half a dozen like-minded individuals) on one of our exclusive test-track-based days, where skills of managing you and your own car can be honed in safety, but also beyond grip, with repeat exercises, classroom discussion and presentations. 

You will be encouraged to drive up to and beyond both you and your car's limits; you will be put against a watch; you will feel pressure; we will want precision: But you will also really enjoy it immensely! And it doesn't matter what level of ability or confidence you are as you never hold anyone up - or held back by someone in the group. A Fiesta can fit right in with a Porsche, and they often do.

The environment is highly managed, unlike on a normal trackday. The Important people have walkie talkies. Which on our days means you! So you have a radio - everyone is comm'd, with earpieces if in a noisy car. We go through radio procedure at beginning of day. We progressively add extra elements to your drive and your surroundings through the day. YoSkill-drills driver training with Drivertuition.comu get refreshments and lunch provided. And it's not a trackday so we control those around you. Makes it a lot less stressful if you own a nice car! Risk is highly managed and is probably safer than your drive to the venue!

Book either as a solo day or in conjunction with a road day. This is advantageous cost wise and is also a really good balance between the normal and the extreme.  Dates for road are flexible. Track sessions are approx. monthly and you can bring your partner if you wish! Share the experience. (Please mention when booking as we have require numbers for catering).

Finally, the great thing about these days is that bad weather usually makes it better, unlike most people's views of track-days. A couple of guys in high power RWD cars, already signed up for our Nov and Dec dates, are really hoping for rain! We just get very wet standing outside!

Next available: Nov 1 (1 space), Dec 13 (Full), Feb 3rd.

Performance and skills Training

Ring or email to confirm date availability of suitable course dates

+44(0)1925 26 33 54       +44(0)7876 576 320

Mike, Thank you for the notes and yesterday. For me it was a fantastic day I learnt a lot and have plenty to take away to think about and practice. I found the way you delivered the information really helpful and easy to understand and appreciated your patience and empathy with someone trying to unlearn over 30 years of bad practice. I can already see how putting just some of what you suggested in place will make my driving more enjoyable and safer. Hopefully with a little practice I will master most of it. Many thanks -John 

"Brilliant - loved it. Really useful - thanks". Just a few words from an unassuming chap, stepping out of the car at the end of the session. That came from one of our "highly trained" boys. If our training is good enough for these guys it's probably pretty OK for you also!  - April 2019

"Mike, that was a fabulous day. The term "mundane drive" is officially eradicated from my vocabulary. You have left me with so many things to hone and work on that I can barely wait to get back on the road...Look forward to seeing you in the new year, and thank you again for today! Sam"  - Nissan 350Z

"Dear Mike ,First of all I would like to thank you for unbelievable experience I had last Saturday. It was all challenging and enjoyable at the same time to understand my driving habits through professional expertise you brought in... I am implementing all of the tips and suggestions you have provided on daily basis so hopefully it won't take long till I will enjoy my car like never before.. I understand it will take time to master the art of driving but You can count on me trying to get even close to your level ;) Again thank you for this and I will be in touch.." 

"Thank you for today - thoroughly enjoyed it," Debbie starts to understand and enjoy her DB11.



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