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The most effective way to upgrade your car - upgrade YOU!

All of our road and track coaching is intensive and very thorough - and includes post-session written feedback to aid driving development after the actual coaching session. This is a particularly important part of what we do and intrinsic to creating driving development path rather than just teaching lines around a track or developing one particular aspect on the day. Our aim is 100% satisfied customers - and we have significant repeat business, track successes and coaching recommendations to back this up. We will get your driving to the standard you want it it be. It really is our passion to develop driving standards.

"OK, for some, the cost will seem significant. But, if driving is your passion, you really will not be disappointed. It will be the most useful spend you will ever make with regards to cars and driving. Only last week (Nov 17) one of our clients said on the drive, whilst being seriously critiqued on his drive, "I am really loving this"! We critique the drive but in such a way that it is a real learning opportunity. This is what makes it so good: And why we do this. A passion for cars, for driving, for standards, for self improvement." MC

If you want to discuss course options in greater depth please do call or email before booking. Sessions are flexible - we arrange some very special events!  If in doubt, talk to us first about what you are aiming to achieve.

There is also an option in the payments section below, to gift a friend or family member a voucher towards their training.



Comment received from one of our three day course clients: "I have just completed Mike's 3 day course. I was a Police Advanced driver back in the 80's and had recently started doing the odd track day in my car just for fun. I soon realized I needed some help. Contacted Mike and have done one day road followed by Bedford and Donington as track days. What a massive learning curve. I now have a much greater understanding of the physics of what is happening to the car on track, with much improved smoothness, balance, steering, braking and better lines. Oh and just as important a lot of fun!

"Great instruction!" I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve their driving skills, no matter how good you think you are!

All the best, J"


Please note that once a course date is booked into our diary system we need a minimum 14 days notice to alter the booking for logistical reasons. Refunds on bookings are less 10% for administration and are solely at the discretion of if less than 14 days from booked date. Where track bookings are made fees are paid by us directly to track organisers and are not normally refundable.


If you haven't checked our performance, advanced or course structure pages then please do, to find out more.

Please ring to confirm date availability of suitable course dates

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Single and Multi-day road courses - All conducted one 2 one - By arrangement anywhere in UK

( We also work overseas - please enquire )

All initial training, whether on road or track, starts with a one-day road-based training session. This session can be upgraded on the day to our 2 or 3 day road courses, track extension work - as well as to our hijack-specific course. So you don't need to commit to a multi day course - try one day first. 

The training involves 6 hours of intensive driving, assessment and development discussion, centered around you specific aims, needs and requirements. They are arranged to suit your location, with country-wide start locations. A One day course can be shared with a colleague/friend and are run UK-wide.

During the day you will learn a range of advanced and performance driving techniques. Included are some of the critical aspects of Police Class1 training.  The structure of the day is tailored to your desired aims/objectives, but typically we look critically at how you manage You, the car and the environment; how you balance a car, how you manage space, what you are actually looking at, what idiosynchrosies you may have in your drive. These sessions introduce and/or develop advanced and defensive driving techniques. We can also work on particular skills to suit, such as effective road positioning, steering techniques, optimised overtaking, heel & toe down-shifts and double de-clutching).

An intensive day's course with a full de-brief. Normally takes place in your own car but with the option of using one of our vehicles (Suzuki Swift Sport or alternatively a Mugen Honda Type R)

Road training courses

All courses can be paid in local currency via paypal using the BUY NOW button above, or via BACS or cheque. Please add a note on the payments page if you wish to name a person - or yourself - for a training voucher. 

For the ultimate in defensive driving tactics, please visit our sister site, where the bias is orientated to personal safety and protection.

Half-Day Road session - only available within 50 miles of WA4. Ring for options on this.

Unlike most training establishment we are insured fully comprehensively to drive any car on road (yours or ours) to demonstrate technique - whether Mini or Mclaren. 

TRACK-based Race Training COURSES

NOTE: Requires initial completion of one day road-based driving session. Please contact for further details.



INSTRUCTION GIFT VOUCHERS - Emailed directly to you or recipient -  valid 1 calendar year 

Gift Voucher options

You can gift someone a driving voucher for any of the course options above. Just let us know you want it as a voucher and we will then send the voucher out to you or the recipient as required - and we email a PDF version directly to you. Perfect for birthdays or as a special gift.  Remember to include contact email, addreww and telephone number.

The person you give the voucher to can contact us any time within 12 months to arrange the date and decide for him/herself which they would prefer. Also an easy way to buy instruction guaranteeing current prices for future use.


This could be the most worthwhile present you ever gave anyone. We teach survival techniques, performance driving, traffic management and a host of other skills over the day. Once taught, never forgotten. Lasts a lifetime.


All courses can be paid by cash, cheque, paypal or credit card via paypal - we can send you a paypal email invoice

Remember, we are often running courses so PLEASE either leave a message on 01925 263354 or drop us a text on  07876 576 320. We WILL get back to you if you leave a message.


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