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Zandvoort team July 2018

Welcome to the Performance driver development section of Since 1997 we have been involved full-time in training drivers in high performance road and race cars, teaching drivers how to safely extract the performance potential of their Sports/GT cars, whether on public roads or lined up on the grid at Brands Hatch, Spa or the like. This has taken us all over Europe in all manner of cars, from humble hatchbacks to some very serious machinery. There are lots of examples below from the last ten or more years!


Nowadays the majority of our training is dedicated on-road performance driving, or skill-specific driver development on our dedicated racetrack facility. The road courses concentrate on enabling drivers to safely and effectively use the performance of their cars, in an intelligent, safe manner, but one which still enables the cars to be really driven and appreciated. Skill-specific is when we work on a closed circuit with clients who will normally have already done a road day, to then work on base-line skills, over-limit control, accuracy etc. This is very similar to American race-trainers approach. Even if you want to race a road day will prove invaluable. This is where you will gain most of your practice driving after all!


Many people who train with us on these days progress to our drivers club, which takes us to all the UK circuits and more and more of the European circuits, such as Spa, Nurburg, Le Mans, and place like Zolder where trackday rules are not necessarily applied


In order to fully enjoy these days - and to maximise performance and safety - we started conducting these skill-specific training days. With exclusive use of a racetrack we then had the ability to really work on the many and varied skills required of a top driver, whether on track/racing or on road in more powerful machinery: Our aim - to develop track, opponent and vehicle management skills. The course approach has come from what I have learned over many years instructing on track, as well as working for a major German company (!); but predominantly from our tactical training, because we had the ability to vary, repeat, run backwards, site next to, watch from a few metres away, point a gun at you, control the rules of engagement. etc. That and have the chance to work with the "seriously trained people" who in effect raised our game! We support all our forces...


The skill-based training has really taken off and proven both popular and very successful. Our next dates are Nov 1 Dec 13 and Feb3 - contact for details.


These events combine both classroom and practical and are used to work on specific areas, rather than just take part in an instructed trackday where repeat risk events cannot be created. Inspired by our tactical training, teaching people to deal with what they don't necessarily want to happen but really need to be prepared for, it produces real capability - but is at the same time really enjoyable. This is a popular and successful approach used in the States but not in the UK. We are finding this to work particularly well, translating to much more confident driving when the drivers return to a trackday scenario. We have had comments on how the training done on these days has really usefully fed into handling a busy 'ring day, coping with a very wet Spa and dealing with both sides overtaking at Le Mans and Zolder when we have done these trips. Our next is in a few days back to Le Mans! (Aug 2019)


An example of what we cover - driving the non-ideal line, and managing it well. Or deliberately momentarily locking the car up under brakes. We have at least four separate brake training elements which all lead to greater capability when it matters. And we can be looking straight into your eyes as you do an aggressive manoeuvre - because we are often stood a few metres away whilst you are doing 100mph. You can't do that on a trackday!



The purpose - to gain a better understanding of the physics of the car at the limit, but also to facilitate better management of close proximity driving, deal with situations that may occur -  and to understand the stresses on the driver. Sometimes what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing are quite different.


Small group training. Normally half a dozen or so drivers in these sessions.  Lunch provided  -even breakfast for the early-birds. Full comms in all cars, you can bring your precious vehicle too, as there is no risk from other "trackdayers". We control the environment. We have had quite a few people do half a dozen or so of these days, so they are proving to be well-liked!




Call for details of these days. They are a great way to develop you, understand your car, and make some friends in the process!



We work with drivers to develop understanding; how the driver's inputs can adversely affect the stability of the car, but how they can also gain so much more balance and predictability from the car when the inputs are more measured and timed more accurately. You can read in a book how to do many things, but having someone next to you to assist, identify issues and coach intelligently makes it so much clearer and tunes the driver in to their own actions much more effectively.


Often when a car is purchased that is more "twitchy", it is actually reacting more to the driver's inputs than their previous car. At this point the owner makes one of several choices: Sell the car, slow down... or get some help. This is where we step in. If you have a desire to develop we really can help you. If you want an intelligent but enjoyable approach then call us. Over the years I have had involvements working with several manufacturers, latterly Porsche, as well as all of the trackday organisers, Palmersport and various others. So if the driver ultimately would like to go on track you can rest assured we have the experience to take you there. But road is usually where it all starts, as that's where competence is needed 365 days a year.


In 2010 we benefited from being joined by an ex-class 1 Police tactical officer/trainer and this further expanded our training capability in fast road and defensive driver training. We cover the full spectrum of driver development, so if you come to us you will get something of a flavour of both sides of the coin. We like to think that the ethos of our training is to cross the top environment management of a Class 1 Police driver with top race-driver Schuey-like balance of dynamics of the vehicle. After that you've then just got to manage yourself: And we'll give you the pointers there too!


For more details of our advanced driving, availability etc. please check the options at the top of the page, where you will also find a link to our drivers club, where some of those guys and girls who have displayed great attitude to developing their drive take things further, with organised multi-day drives into the wilderness of Scotland, Wales, France, Germany etc. as in the picture above, as well as dedicated track-driving training.


Below you will find a bit of a potted history of examples of the sort of work, clients and cars we have worked with on road and track - from a recent trip to the Nurburgring, all the way back to a Microsoft game launch we were involved with there over ten years ago.  It goes on a bit! BUT, it does give an idea of what we do and what we have done. Not necessarily slick, but pretty true to our methods of working, It may look a bit track intensive, but then again not many photos are taken of road training! Thanks for visiting and, if you feel inclined, read on and then give us a call.......



If you want to develop your understanding of - and capability on - track, then come and do road and/or our off-road training days. We prefer to start your training on road, in your road car...but give us a call and have a chat.   

Performance Training

    A wander around the Nurburgring in a Megane

Adrian, about to tackle the infamous Nurburgring. Where did the journey start? With road training in his Jaguar XKR, before a trip to Castle Combe racetrack in our Suzuki Swift, then off to the 'Ring, a tourist lap in our Type R, then onto track.

We aim for development of the drive and the driver, build understanding, respect, capability. If this is the kind of approach that you are looking for then call and have a chat.

Sometimes not taking tuition can be the more expensive choice. Here are two pictures at the end of the same day (Oct 16) for two drivers. One chose the apparently expensive option, one chose the cheap option.......
Following a first in class and fastest lap at Donington some appreciated feedback from a very happy customer: "Thanks Mike for all the help over the past few years and recently in preparing for our race at Donington with MSV Team Trophy. Doesn't seem long ago we met you at Snetterton and started the journey of trying to learn to drive better on track. I remember apologising for being a crap driver and your reply that I was no where near that standard yet but that you'd let me know when I reached it! Your methods and explanations of how to improve both driving and racecraft have really helped us to improve and feel confident enough to race. Ended up finishing 1st in class and 2nd overall at Donington from a grid of 38 cars, and taking fastest lap. Would have easily been 1st overall too but for getting a drive through penalty for overtaking a car immediately after driver changeover not realising the safety car was out!

If you want to have an instructor blow smoke up the proverbial orifice then Mike's not your man, but if you want good scientific based help and instruction to improve car control and racecraft then look no further! Spraying champagne on the podium for the first time definitely makes it all seem worth while, thanks Mike!"



Classic Alfa under instruction at Cadwell Park. Cars don't come much prettier than this!

997GT3 versus Exige V6. Both are great cars  -  under Drivertuition instruction through the day

FERRARI 458 under instruction at Silverstone

Bedford Autodrome MR2.jpg (104676 bytes)ARDS MSA recognised instructor

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 997 about to go out for some track instruction at Bedford AutodromeDislike a wet track, prefer the dry, find you want for more front end grip yet have the rear snap out unexpectedly  - then perhaps the solution is instruction?? IF you really do want to learn to drive your racecar or high performance car well, knowledgeably, and with a real understanding of how every element of what you do potentially introduces transients, affecting the stability of the drive, then read on.  The snappy Exige, the wayward M3, the vague 911? Each car exaggerates elements of your driving idiosyncrasies in different ways. If you find yourself not getting on with your latest purchase perhaps it may not actually be the car. We get you to understand your vehicle and become more comfortable with it's idiosynchrosies.

This is DEFINITELY NOT the Ferrari / Porsche supercar experience track day. There are companies that can offer you this - a few laps in a fast car. But this is NOT what we do. VERY few establishments can really teach you the high level/quality skills that are necessary to pilot a High Performance road or raceBMW E92 M3 V8 at Donington Park track car at extreme speeds with a fluid, relaxed control that only a combination of skill and real understanding can deliver.  Get to understand your own driving dynamics and the car's too, the physics with the driving physiology and psychology, combining coach with race engineer.

 R26R at Spa

You may want to appreciate that altering posture & reducing upper body stiffness could have a greater effect than changing rebound damping: Or how yaw rates are affected by braking: OR you may want a guy who says turn in at that bit of paint. Perhaps you would like all these, or at least the option on all.

  What we do is deliver driver understanding and development: A real understanding of dynamics, development of transferable skills and an ability to feel relaxed and in charge at speed. Fast, but relaxed fast not busy fast.

TOYOTA MR2 track car tuitionSuzuki Swift Sport on track with

To exemplify, a couple of recent emails after an initial day's training, one on road, the other on track: Both re-booked for further sessions..."Hi Mike, Thanks again for yesterday and for the notes. It really was both enjoyable and informative.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Best wishes, J"Guiding the McLaren towards the apex on track

"Thank you for a great tuition session at Silverstone" - A

M3 E92 V8 - On a particularly cold and slippery race track - "Saturday was absolutely brilliant. It's one of those that I just wanted to keep going..." Cheers A. Learning how effective the BMW M3 traction systems are, how much throttle the car can accept when switched off. Great learning conditions; finding out how having heat in tyres really makes a difference ...I'm going to put into practice what you said and then I'll come over for some more training....

Driver buying performance car (Lotus Exige) spends day in a 100HP Panda before we do a session in the Exige:   Hi Mike Many thanks for an exhilarating entertaining and informative day, Loved driving the Panda, very enjoyable car. Speed/handling and tractability can be achieved from unlikely sources! Also loved the Physics lessons - Look forward to receiving your report (and more physics lessons) in due course. Hope you got to Snetterton OK. Look fwd to our next meeting. Regards K

Snetterton in a 400BHP production touring car- first shakedown of client's new project car on the Snetterton 300 loop. Ideal conditions for testing, dry morning on slicks, wets in the afternoon. GREAT CIRCUIT - pretty impressive car :-)

Race instruction at Oulton Park: A historic single-seater campaigner visiting the UK and piloting our Toyota MR2.

Recent comment from one customer - " I learnt more today in the MR2 than I have in the last 6 months at the wheel of much faster cars...incredibly quick through corners, very planted and great fun. - actually put a bigger smile on my face than my 911".

Instruction with  a seasoned BMW campaigner: 

Hi Mike, Good to meet you today and thanks for showing me what the car will really do. You mentioned that you had in the past analysed logs from DL1's etc I have just checked what I got, and can see the differences, and how much more grip you extracted (well actually drove the car better to get the grip). Thought I would send the run files to you (I am run 1.) if you wanted them, as you can see you were a lot quicker, but my laps also look to be improving, thanks. Look forward to the report, and hopefully the next installment. J

If you want to be quicker, smoother, be able to balance a car progressively across the braking, cornering, throttle transitions, want to know how to lap circuits such as Donington, Oulton Park, Snetterton. Silverstone more effectively, or make your tyres last more than a day then what we teach is for you.

Remember, we can put you on road, many different racetracks or private test track venues depending on what you are aiming to achieve. 

Below- what you want to achieve entering a corner - no front end slip angles. With a well-balanced car like a Porsche 968 Clubsport you don't need to have understeer, though the car can easily create it when incorrectly balanced:  "Hi Mike, Thanks again for yesterday and for the notes. It really was both enjoyable and informative.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Best wishes, J"  Track practice in road 968 CS in preparation for racing in the Porsche cup series in the racecar.

Porsche 968 clubsport on track

Toyota Celica 190 on Donington Park racetrack

We have track tuition opportunities at most UK circuits including:-


Donington Park, Snetterton 300

Anglesey - Ty Croes, Oulton Park

Castle Combe, Bedford Autodrome

Rockingham and Silverstone


Various dates available  - please email or check our current dates

Jess' first tine on track and learning where to put our 190BHP Celica on Donington Park's paintwork. We've got the most effective line of these three cars in the shot here.

This was a Bookatrack open pit-lane trackday and although she had never driven on track before she soon got the idea - fantastic racetrack, possibly the best in the UK and one of the decent organisers that doesn't put too many cars on track.

We can put you on the most suitable tracks for you, your car, your skill levels and experience and get you to where you want to be, inexperienced to seasoned racer.

"If you aspire to be able to balance a racecar, or a road-car such as a GT3RS or Honda NSX in a neutral slide, be able to down-change or up-shift without braking traction or disturbing the car one iota, be able to outbrake whilst downshifting without disturbing the steering or balance, understand slip angles implicitly, be able to develop the car onto the white lines on the exits without feeling like you are running out of road, and all this without holding onto the wheel for dear life, then please pick up the phone and give us a call. We are speaking the same language!" Just don't expect it all to be perfect in a day! But, to this end, we show you how to practise away from the tuition. Something a little different, tuition was in a Mercedes SL55AMG, on track.Mercedes SL55 AMG on a racetrack Really rather surprisingly good! The owner wanted to learn how the car behaved with stability control off - well we certainly found out and. with the ABC suspension, the car is remarkably capable for a 2 tonne vehicle. Rather quick too, as a couple of the more track-focused cars soon discovered - and not just in a straight line!

What we teach/facilitate really is the highest level of car balance management, whatever the car. How to identify lines as a transferable skill to any circuit, how to make all the transients in the car either work for you or how to remove them from your drive if they don't; how to control space around the vehicle, how to overtake without compromising your next line.......In other words help you to become a more capable/faster driver on track or in a race. If you don't understand foot movements to introduced yaw rates then you need instruction ..... from us. Move from the world of thinking you need grippy tyres to the world of balance.

Depending of course on the individual we find It takes around three days of instruction to develop a good track drive from a reasonable fast road driver. There are stages that need to be moved through in order to really pedal a car at the limit, not at your limit. These don't have to be consecutive days - in fact it usually helps if they aren't (as we give you elements to practise in your road drive).  But spread across  several weeks and two tracks usually works for most people.  We like to start with a road driving day first, as then we can identify issues within your drive without the stress or costs associated with being on track. THEN.. we go on track. More informed, faster development, more successful outcomes.

Congratulations to Mark Poole, Richard Abra and team in the Geoff Steel Racing prepared BMW M3GTR on their win in the Britcar 2012 24hour race Sept23/4 2012.

From a class win in his first race at Silverstone in April 2011- in the E46 BMW M3 - Mark Poole racing has gone from strength to strength, considering  Mark's first ever drive on track started with our E36 BMW M3 on an airfield little more than 2 years ago. Shows how the BMW made its mark!

A good demonstration of why professional instruction taken early in one's racing career can really make a difference.

AMR GT4 Inaugural race: Mark and Richard Abra win the first race of the series at Silverstone - 30 April 2011 (BELOW). Outright win  in the 90 minute endurance race.

If you want to do the same then think about some training...

Bedford Autodrome in a Lotus Exige 260 Cup and also a Porsche 997 GT3RS. The aim on circuit is always to be relaxed. Notice that in the videos there is no rushed aspect to the drive. The faster you drive the calmer you need to try to be. Not always easy.
If you do want to become a serious track driver and are without previous race or track experience then you would really benefit from our  three day course - ring for times/further details. Instruction rates are discounted across the three days.

One road session and two track, spread over several weeks, with the time in between each session used to work on areas identified during the drives ( a full written report follows the first road session). This methodology works very effectively. 

After an initial road assessment we take you on track, your car or ours, and move it up a level. With higher speeds and more facility to have the car moving around we can concentrate on development of turn-in, recognising how weight transfer, braking, lines and camber all play a part in producing balance. 

The third session reinforces the previous drives and we expect to be able to tune out the instruction and see you drive the circuit. We aim to use a different circuit to see if you can start to "see" the line through the corners and identify brakes reference points etc.


During sessions we teach techniques that work.

You could learn far more driving our Swift Sport for a day with us than you would anywhere else in one of the "supercar experiences". We have had GT racers benefit massively by initially being sat in something relatively slow but very revealing of lack of sensitivity in the drive. 

Where own car is not available clients can choose between FWD Swift or RWD track-prepared mid-engined Toyota MR2 Spyder, as below. This car requires an intelligent drive, with precise management of transition and balance needed to give optimum lap speeds - without relying on big BHP. in In wet conditions especially this car really teaches smoothness. You'll be surprised how hard you can brake this car - and also outgrip most things around you. (Note: MR2 no longer available) Toyota MR2 spyder racecar at Ty Croes

We teach, as appropriate to your level, multiple braking phases, turn-in and yaw management, control of slip angles, how to step out of pedals, trail brake, throttle out of steering, slow and fast corner techniques, how to approach compound corners, upper body posture & relaxation, use of PSM, heel & toe, double declutch the fast way, whBMW E46 M£ at Castle Combe racetrackere to put the change in if you can't h&t, rate of addition of steering against relaxation of brake, left foot braking. Managing other cars, how to overtake, when to let someone pass and when to challenge again. So much more than "2nd gear for this one" techniques. And we aim above all to keep you and the car safe.

If you're a race licence holder we will get you quicker whilst enabling you to punish your car less. Make the tyres last a race, make the car and driver more competitive through the season, even improve the set-up.

As a general rule, don't worry so much about the machinery, think more about gaining understanding of balance and control, pace with relaxation, empathy with your inputs and the car's responses. You don't initially need pace. The speed will come with gaining a proper feel of what is going on in and around the car. 

"As an Oulton Park "virgin", your instruction during the damp morning and drying afternoon was much appreciated. There was a lot to learn with respect to optimal lines given the exceptional camber and surface changes. For the drivers of the Atom and Caterham (same day incidents), the track lived up to it's unforgiving reputation! I really enjoyed it though as it needs particular finesse to get the car flowing. MF" Aug 2011 Clio200 Cup

Many of our clients use their own road or race cars for sessions. Just bolt in an extra seat in your racecar and improve. But if in doubt just give us a ring. Advice is freely available and without any obligation to take training with us. If we can point you in the right direction, literally or metaphorically(!) we will.

The owner of this Audi RS4 complained of massive understeer on the first two drives around a very damp circuit, during which his technique was analysed.

Audi RS4 at Anglesey race circuit

After the demonstration/ instruction laps there was subsequently no understeer in his drive - and of course much quicker and safer laps. His previous car, an E46 M3, was apparently want to snap into oversteer. Both the understeer in the Audi and oversteer in the BMW were actually due to the same driving issues. Tuition really makes a difference. We could have made him much happier with the M3.....

Hi Mike, Just to say I came third at our last outing, only 0.3 sec behind my team mate and I beat the rest in our class. Something must have rubbed off! ......Regards B.K.

Hi Mike, The more and more I think about what you told me I was doing wrong and what I should actually be doing, the more and more I have found the day with you extremely beneficial to me....I did about 150 road miles in the Mondeo (his road car) today and have been practising what you taught me. I have felt a great benefit already in adjusting my driving, to be more relaxed, smooth and better controlled. The feedback you get whilst driving like this is instantly beneficial. I MUST continue to work at this every day until it becomes second nature. I now have a better understanding of what feedback the car is giving me and what feedback is good (and as importantly what feedback is bad and what I should be doing to correct it), I already have a much more positive attitude. I just hope I can ensure that this transfers in to smoothness and consistency over time. My next Sprint is ...........Many thanks for the overview of yesterday with pointers of areas to concentrate on. I suspect I may have a few email communications with you. :-) Regards, S.F. Feedback from race training session

There are lots more examples below of work we have done over the years.  Have a read then give us a ring to see how we can help you improve. 

01925 26 33 54    07947 198 957

Pre-ARDS practice in Fiat Panda 100HP 3 wheeling at Oulton Park - photo courtesy Matt SayleFiat Panda 100HP at Oulton Park

If you really do want to develop into a significantly better driver; your aim - to drive quicker, more smoothly and thus intrinsically more safely, out-brake the opposition - then book a session, having instruction either in one of our cars or your own vehicle; and actually learn to push yourself and the car, but in a controlled manner, like some of our satisfied clients on this page.

Toyota MR2 spyder track racecar


You'll learn so much - where to look, critically how to match steering to throttle and brake, how to modulate brake pressure. No matter what level of driver you are you are guaranteed to see an improvement through the sessions, whether a circuit newbie or a seasoned racer.

ROAD:  If you take one of our road sessions first you will see how road skills can be further honed and track skills can feed back to great advantage into your daily drive. If you want to use your own car and take trackday insurance, having us instructing you for the day will usually reduce your premium (Give us a call), so that the instruction cost is, in effect, significantly reduced.

Unlike the "trackday experiences" you won't be stood around . You will drive a significant number of laps, then discuss or be given technique/demonstration laps, then lap again. No shuffling your feet, waiting for your turn. Whether you waMeet a Fast Leaner! Mel visits  Donington racetracknt to advance your road skills or improve your race Melbourne loop at Donington Park racetrack in the M3performance we help. A typical track session will easily see you driving 50+ laps.

Taking the Melbourne loop at Donington Park in the BMW M3



We keep training ourselves. As an example, Dave and Mike attended the Harewood Hillclimb school to improve technique. This is an excellent venue and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable. On the course were 30 other pilots, some seasoned racers, competing hillclimbers and some newbies, managed and assessed by some very respected race instructors. Out of the 30 attendees our two Drivertuition instructors were judged to be first and second. As you would hope........Mike awarded best attendee of the year and so won an entry to  hillclimb series event.
Feedback:  Thanks very much for Friday, that was the most fun I've had in a long time!  The Panda 100hp was definitely the perfect car to learn track technique at Oulton for someone inexperienced like myself. Its a really responsive car that helps you to feel what you are doing right and wrong. I must say, after just one day's tuition, that my driving was hugely improved! After the first few laps you helped me to understand vehicle dynamics and that I was asking too much of the car, especially through the corners. And in just a few hours my drive became smoother and much quicker due to massively improved technique, you ironed out many of my flaws. I was surprised too that if you drive the car right, through the corners and tight chicanes, much more powerful cars don't exactly get away from the Panda. Great preparation for ARDS, I now feel much more confident and want to get back out on track! - J.E.
Panda being used for an exclusive training session at Bruntingthorpe Proving ground. We have private access to all parts of the site which we can arrange for you.   Photo courtesy of Tom at
  So, what's involved in track instruction sessions?

Coming back into the pits at Bedford Autodrome following some quick laps in the BMW M3 - 28 July 07The aim is to develop an understanding of the balance of a car.  This covers the phases of braking, steering and getting on the power in such a way that the car's weight or mass works with you rather than against you. This is an absolute to safe and effective extraction of performance from any car, whether on the road or track. Most people steer more and more often than they need to. 


During your track instruction session you will learn how and where to look, how to steer and how to turn in using the braking, learn to relax from the apex and thus work the car less, giving faster and smoother corner exits. 


You learn to balance the car across brakes, steering, throttle, getting all the dynamics balanced. Just like flying a plane you will be introduced to pitch, roll and yaw but in an understandable way. It's VERY interesting.What could be better, a BMW M3, 300BHP to play with and an empty racetrack. Now lets get it over to the blue paint


We will have you looking at the circuit technically, seeking out optimum lines and identifying braking points so that, again, you can get the most out of the car, the tyres, the circuit and yourself without unnecessarily loading the car in too aggressive or unstable a manner. When you get it right the car will feel about 20% lighter.  We will get you to the point that every input that goes into the car, that alters the balance, will be there because you want to introduce it, not the result of a driving or skill deficiency. We teach you how to look at a circuit, gaining transferable skills that you can use again, elsewhere. Not just a" second gear here, brake there" mentality that only works on the "circuit of the day".

We aim for you to develop a better style of driving. Perhaps this sounds unlikely? Well judge for yourself. All of the time you spend on circuit with us will benefit your driving; road or track; guaranteed. With non-racers we use circuit training sessions as the culmination of roadcraft training and it really does work. Advanced Driving techniques rarely, if ever, assess your on-limit driving capabilities, but on-track training really can improve your approach to corners, your ability to forward assess, and the amount you ask from the car in cornering/braking/accelerating manoeuvres.Goddards tackled in the Seat Leon - Donington 2006

Nurburgring, a 911 GT3 Porsche and drivertuition.comInstruction can take place over a morning, afternoon or full day instruction session. 

You are instructed one to one by a very knowledgeable practitioner, who will passenger you, drive you, discuss with you and keep swapping places with you until we feel that you have "got where you need to be" in driving terms: And all this in a very flexible manner- unlike the "driving experience" type of day, where all you do is go away, able to say - " I drove a Ferrari for three laps" or whatever. We guarantee you'll be lapping faster than on any "Ferrari experience" day in either a track prepped MR2 or your own vehicle: And, rather than a few laps of these cars, you'll be doing tens of laps with your instructor on a race-circuit until you're happy with what you and we want you to achieve.

You will learn so much that you will take away with you - your skills will really develop through the day.  That's what driver coaching and development is all about.Lap a racetrack  - here at Donington - with drivertuition in one of our M3 BMWs

This is what track-driving tuition should be. It's not just pointing out lines and turn-in points. 2nd gear here, 3rd gear there. This doesn't translate from one circuit to the next. If you drive with us you really will learn a lot about yourself and, if it's your car, the car itself.


  So, why should I take track instruction?

Porsche 911 GT3RS 997 - 3 months old, rolled end over end

Porsche 997GT3 a couple of laps(4) into the day. (Wet track but the car was on Pilot Sports, not Cup tyres, so should have been manageable). NO trackday insurance either! If you want decent trackday insurance - the sort that actually pays out - contact our preferred insurer. Richard Egger Insurance. See the Links page for details


This was quite literally an accident waiting to happen. I was discussing this guy's driving on the pit wall with another experienced track-driver and we had decided that when the driver came in some friendly pointers would be in order. Didn't come back in in time.


Very nice BMW M3, inexperienced circuit driver at Donington, ends up a write-off, being rolled at Old Hairpin and leaving two guys with a bad experience of circuit racing.


Another M3, Donington again, another car totalled. This happens a lot on track days.


The price of instruction can be a bit of a bargain sometimes....


 Track instruction leaves you smiling!

  Happy Customers. Learning isn't meant to be this much fun, surely?

Steering a Leon Cupra around Cadwell Park

Smooth and Quick - learn how to hold a steering wheel






Oulton Park in the sun - what better weather for a trackday


We have used a wide range of cars over the years, notably with the Leon Cupra and Cupra R, the fantastic E36 BMW M3s, and a track prepared Toyota MR2 racecar. This really taught balance - loved that car!

One of the critical aspects of balance on track is at the point of turning into the corner, at the end of the braking and gear changing phase. The BMW M3 - and the MR2 - very ably demonstrated to the pilot whether you have got this phase right -the cars talk to you and we teach you to interpret what it is telling you! Indeed we often want to let you get it wrong to a degree to learn to feel this phase. We teach you how to brake, gear-change, turn-in using braking to get some bite from the front wheels - we may introduce heel and toe down-changes and the double declutch for the more advanced driver. We teach you where to look and how to steer, usually as little as possible so that the car is never upset mid-corner.

You will learn to enter a corner without understeer but with balance, learning to feed power progressively, allowing a degree of rear wheel steer without inducing lurid and ultimately slower power oversteer. Throttle progression matched to angle of steering is what we are looking for and we will develop your capability and sensitivity to what the car is telling you throughout your track session.

In 2009 we started running a Fiat Panda 100HP to introduce circuit driving. Before you dismiss this option we can report that the car has excellent balance and really surprises people - comments from a couple of guys at Oulton included "that car is ###### fast" and "how come that Panda is so quick?" Well, it may be the way you drive that's more important than the car........... Recent outings have included ARDS preparation sessions, for which the car was perfect. In 2010 we added a track MR2, a challenging car but one that really honed the drive, and in 2015  a new Suzuki Swift Sport with Ohlins suspension and various other mods became the teaching car..

Circuits used for track instruction include but are not limited to:-

Donington Park, Cadwell Park, Oulton Park, Mallory, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Croft, Bedford Autodrome, Spa Francorchamps Abbeville etc. Basically we can organise an event on most UK or European circuits, including some fantastic circuits you may never have heard of!


Oulton Panda Photos courtesy of Matt Sayle - thanks Matt.

We work extensively with owner drivers so that you, the driver, can extract the car's capabilities effectively, and have a wide range of experience and knowledge of FWD RWD and 4WD vehicles from Fiestas, Cupra, 911s to V8 Ultimas. If you want to drive your Cayman or EVO 9, VXR or Atom better come and have a chat.

Performance driving tuition at Donington Park, Oulton Park, Cadwell Park, Croft, Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Ty Croes and many other circuits in the UK and Europe.

Track Insurance: If you want to book some track insurance for your trackday with us, or even with someone else...

Richard Egger road, track and Motorsport Insurance - Visit Richard's website here for decent road / track insurance deals, with track and road insurance policies that do actually look after you if you have to make a claim, unlike some! We use them ourselves for our own insurance, so they must be OK. They may not necessarily be the cheapest (but they have often been for insurance cover we have looked at) but if you have to make a claim do you want the cheapest then? You get what you pay for. Incidentally, it works out cheaper if we are in the car with you, so sometimes you end up getting the instruction at vastly reduced prices!

Richard Egger covers the whole range: Track insurance Track Day cover, On Track cover, On Track Classic Car insurance, Car Collections Insurance, Family Fleet Insurance and Multi Vehicle Insurance. Basically, if you are involved with performance cars, have a fleet of vehicles that need insuring, or want track driving cover Richard can sort it. If you complete a day's advanced roadcraft driver training with us you can obtain a further discount of up to 10% on their sports, performance & track day car insurance packages. Speak to Sue Clancy on 0115 988 2713

We also provide performance ROAD courses...

High performance road driving course

As well as track sessions we offer a high performance road course, over 1/2, one or two days.  These can be at a location to suit you, generally over one day. We also do corporate training sessions on and off road, including high speed avoidance, training over 150mph and defensive and anti-hijack driving courses.

Performance road courses may balance advanced driving skills with techniques such as heel & toe and double declutching. The nature of the course is planned with the client.

We look very much at how you consider the balance of the car on road and aim at all times for ultimate smoothness combined with maximum safe and legal progress. Unlike the advanced driving courses this session has balance with position as its ultimate aim for safe extraction of performance from the quicker type of vehicle that many people now drive on our crowded roads. We find some interesting routes too! See course options.

Why should you take a performance road driving course?

Many people own high-performance vehicles but do not necessarily want to drive on the racetrack. A fast car, when combined with lack of experience of the type of car, can create many issues for the typical owner of such a vehicle. Insurance premiums tell their own tale - they are after all statistically driven. One of the best aspects of our courses is that you learn to enjoy driving your vehicle without "breaking all the limits". There are a great many techniques to driving, observational, psychological, mechanical etc. that are not taught when learning to drive and few people get the opportunity to learn. Most people are happy to spend thousands of pounds on their cars, yet presume that they cannot gain by spending money on themselves in their driving. The same person will attend a course that costs £600+ per day to learn about H&S, management skills etc. Why presume you know everything about driving?

A genuine quote, which made me smile........ I was doing a critique of a driving style of an Italian guy. Although he had some faults, mainly due to driving on "the wrong side of the road", one aspect of his drive, his steering technique, was superb. When I told him this he smiled and said "Michele showed me that style when he taught me to drive. Maybe you know what you are talking about; now I listen"! The Michele he was referring to was the sadly missed ex-F1 Michele Alboreto. I'd like to think that maybe I've incorporated a little of his style into our tuition. Every lesson can potentially feed into the next.

Normally road courses use the client's own car, for the very reason of enabling the owner to become more "at one" with their own vehicle. Depending on driving experience we may put you into one of our vehicles if this is not practicable. Ring to discuss options.

Example: We had a client (Dec 07)with a very quick road car that had suffered the ignominy of crashing most of his previous cars. He spent a day with us on some of our favourite performance roads and learned what he has been doing wrong since he first learned to drive. In one day. He felt so much better. The car went from feeling like an accident waiting to happen into a fast, balanced, satisfying and exciting drive. He really appreciated his day and went away a safer driver with a car that felt so much better. He's doing another day with us and bringing the other half.

NEWS: When you take a full day's advanced road instruction with us you are then eligible for a 10% insurance discount on a Richard Egger Performance car Insurance policy, as we are one of their preferred trainers. We have a similar arrangement for track insurance. We will give you details on completion of the day's course. Also, we have negotiated a similar discount for joining Club GT, a high performance car club based in London. Contact us for details.

tuition and enjoyment usually go together at drivertuition.comSafety  - How can taking one of our performance driving day or half day courses improve your safety?

Most of us these days lead busy lives.  We can often find ourselves driving in a manner that is not conducive to safety, rushing for that meeting or just to get home.

There are also a lot of quick cars out there on the roads that can easily take us onto the wrong side of the law and also beyond what is safe or prudent.  The challenge is to drive well, to drive within the car's capabilities and also within a margin of safety that today's busy roads require.

It is quite possible to drive faster, safer.  This may seem a contradiction in terms but it is very easy to drive in such a way that the the car, the road grip, visibility are all unnecessarily compromised through poor positioning, lack of forward sighting, anticipation and hazard assessment and smoothness.  The way the car is loaded up in a corner, the way the gear changes test traction, the lack of understanding of camber and incline can all take the unwary and less experienced by surprise.  The one tightening the belt knows how fast the car is going to go and stop!!! Ceramics!!!!

A drive over a testing series of roads will soon give you a much fuller understanding of what can be achieved through a more considered approach to the drive.  This can ultimately give a faster, smoother and much more rewarding journey for driver and passengers alike, and no less so for the other road users. Performance though thinking rather than Horsepower!


Porsche event at Spa Belgium - drive Spa Francorchamps with

We offer a range of options suited to an individuals needs, from road to track, wherever you want; in your own vehicle or one of ours. We are VERY flexible and always aim to meet customers' specific needs. Tell us what you want and if we can't deliver, we tell you.

Please feel free to ring for details and more information on any of our courses. We offer a range of high performance driving courses on road as well as courses on track, at a location to suit you.

We can book circuit, accommodation and arrange taxi services. Basically, if you want to fly in, drive an circuit, fly home we can do it. Logistics are no problem. You tell us what you want. If it's possible we arrange it. Many of our clients do a hotel stop followed by a drive day, even followed by a shopping trip: Whatever you want, basically. And so far we have had NO unhappy customers; and we aim to keep it that way.

A few comments:

"Hi Mike Thanks for a great day yesterday, very enjoyable and informative." Paul

"Thanks again for yesterday – I have been grinning all day!"   Oliver

Thank you Mike, A fantastic evening at Donington Park – never to be forgotten. Zoe feels like she has really learned something, as well as driven very fast round a race track! Kind regards Stuart

Hi Mike, Just thought I would drop you a quick note to thank you for Sunday, both Nicki and I felt like we got a lot out of it, although Nicki was most disappointed that you did not teach her how to do a doughnut! I know you area busy man so I will have to get planning to book you up for trackday at the end of the year. Thanks Again, Richard

Hi Mike,  I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and your company and would be keen to organise another driving day over the next few months.As we discussed, I was aware of some of my driving flaws (not as many as you kindly pointed out!) but didn't have the knowledge as to what I needed to do to improve these.  What I found really pleasing about yesterday was that often it was only small adjustments or simple technique changes that you showed me which predominantly ironed these out.  I have really taken on board your tips and advice and already I am slowly starting to notice a change in my driving style, smoothness and overall awareness.   Thanks again. Cheers Matt

Hi Mike. I just wanted to leave some feedback for the day’s tuition we had in James’ RS4 last Saturday at Bedford Autodrome. Having never driven on a track I was a bit baffled on my ‘reccie’ lap as to what to do! But by the end of the day I couldn’t believe how confident I felt cornering the car. I really felt I had the car balanced, and could enjoy the feeling of racing! An excellent day, and a great experience….though it did make the drive to work on Monday morning a bit dull!  Thanks again. Best wishes, Jenny

We have arranged very bespoke courses for clientele (male and female, young and old, experienced and newbies) & specialise in 1 to 1 personalised tuition. Ring direct 07947 198 957

Drivertuition at the Nurburgring:   Contact for details

BMW M3 at the Nurburgring 2012 March

What a View!

The Nurburgring or Nordschleife (the Northern loop of the 'Ring) is one of the most testing pieces of road in the world.  For this reason it demands and should be given, great respect. Above is a recent trip giving instruction in a BMW E36 M3 (above) and BMW M5, a couple of our favourite cars. The bright sunshine and 20 degrees is not quite your typical 'ring day! Usually, one minute you have a dry track, the next you're in freezing fog. You go through a corner in the dry on one lap and the next time you come round ( almost ten minutes later) it's "all change".  Favourite piece of advice for this circuit is - treat it initially like a road not a track. Once you've circled Silverstone a few times you know the circuit. The Nurburgring track grip levels change potentially on each lap. Very testing - but an absolutely fantastic place to drive; like no other. mosler, the nurburgring and a public trackday

On typical trackdays we see a fair percentage of drivers who have no idea of where to place a car. On a single radius corner element this usually results in an untidy exit. At the Nurburgring there are around 73 bends, with one leading straight into another into another. This means that if you get it wrong on the first you'll be in the Armco at the third.

If you travel across to the ring please bear in mind that on public days absolutely anyone can be on circuit. One recent trip the mix varied from a Mosler MT900 to a bus! Quite a speed differential! The M3 days above were closed track days, sharing with very quick race cars on slicks - either way, watch the mirrors.

Performance driving tuition at the Nurburgring - contact us for details.

Performance driving tuition with Drivertuition - we take performance tuition seriously

Nurburgring circuit driving tuition "short breaks"nurburgring circuit corners

Fancy driving the famous Nurburgring?

We run a range of events at the 'ring. If you are interested in coming to the Nordschleife with us and discovering the magic of Nurburgring then please contact us. 

 Performance driving tuition with Drivertuition - we take performance tuition seriously

Sabine Schmitz posing on the bonnet Mike's E36 M3 BMW, during some photo shoots for the Microsoft Project Gotham game launch.

Meet the track Instructors:
Mike Coopermike cooper - one of the drivertuition instructors

learning to steer with

Dave Robinsondave robinson - one of the drivertuition instructors at the Nurburgring GP circuit

dave robinson with his gt3 at donington

"Everyone remembers, appreciates and deserves a good teacher"



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