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Skill-drills training day at drivertuition.com


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We have our track-based Skill-drill days: 1 Nov,  Dec 13,  Feb 3 2020

Road dates: See below

Half day road: By arrangement in North West.


Road training is conducted across most locations in the UK by arrangement, but most performance road training takes place in North Wales.


Track and  high level skill-drills development days are at Ginetta's test-track facility in Lincolnshire, where we have exclusive track use. We run closed training skill-drills here throughout the year, normally  8 cars. 


Bespoke training courses - contact for further details. Further training is done on all UK circuits.


First time training is normally a road session, followed by one of our skill-drill days. However, chat to us and we can arrange what is best for you. Flexibility is always there for training, as clients have a varied background, level of experience and also a vast variety of vehicles.


Road training is often underrated by newcomers, but all of our regulars have completed at least one road day and often several. They prove highly useful when progressing to our our drivers club, where group convoy work further develops the skillset.


The skill-drills days can also be a first event, especially if you wish to find out more initially about your car, and again all of our regulars have completed several of these days as they really do increase capability.


Once you have completed these two days you can then develop your track skills further on subsequent training days or on track - and use further road work to enhance this development.


Please email for confirmation if requiring a particular date - we will do our best to fit in with special requests.


Please contact via phone during office hours or via text or email 24hrs for date availability.


CALL:01925 263 354 or RING/TEXT:07876 576 320


Ring or drop a line to see what availability we have. And a friendly chat about options too!

Oct -  some week dates- ring for details
Nov -  Various - ring for details
Nov 1st -     1 space!
Dec  13th    Exclusive club day - Christmas special!
Feb 3rd -     Initial skills day

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