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Flexibility is the key to training; you are not limited to one environment or test track, one type of car, or one "style" of approach or one part of the country for road training. The aim is to work with you and develop sessions that really do meet the need of what you are aiming to achieve, from risk management to high speed driving to smooth capability. Our courses are primarily 1 to 1, with option of one client to two instructors for our risk managed tactical driving courses and small groups for track-based development sessions.

If what's written below doesn't answer your questions please email  - "can you help me " -  costs nothing and certainly worth more than investing the money in car modifications or equipment. You won't get harangued. Our primary aim is to help  you choose what is best for you - and we promise that you don't end up on a database! Please look also at our Multi day course notes for further information.

"I have just completed Mike's 3 day course.. I was a Police Advanced driver back in the 80's and had recently started doing the odd track day in my car just for fun. I soon realized I needed some help. Contacted Mike and have done one day road followed by Bedford and Donington as track days. What a massive learning curve. I now have a much greater understanding of the physics of what is happening to the car on track, with much improved smoothness, balance, steering, braking and better lines. Oh and just as important a lot of fun!  "Great instruction!" I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve their driving skills, no matter how good you think you are!" J


A Advanced driver training

The starting point for all driver training is a single day road assessment / development session. This can then be converted from the single day to our three day option with cost benefits. The one day course forms the basis of all of our performance, defensive and anti-car-jacking courses (see below).

Typically the day identifies the primary weaknesses in the drive. From how you position, to where you look, to how you operate the controls, steer the car, change gear and indeed how you sit. What most clients are after is a significant tightening of their drive to improve safety, refinement of the mechanics of the drive and real step up into the world of a more professional controlled - and significantly more enjoyable - drive. Others want to safely manage the performance of a vehicle, perhaps new to them. We actively encourage you to learn about your car whilst we keep you safe. Having worked with one of the most respected performance car manufacturers for some years we have considerable experience of making people comfortable with their cars. There is a lot to take in but notes from the day help to create the structure of development thereafter.

When you feel that you have taken on-board and worked through the points highlighted from your first day driving report we start again! Day two onwards we really start to develop you as a driver, working on your own idiosyncrasies - we all have them! - aiming to enable much tighter control of you, your vehicle and the environment you take it through.

Cars are many and varied - we cater for all drivers, cars and confidence levels. We've had vehicles from little 500Abarths, to the many Porsche we see, to a lovely 60s E-type. But similarly we have had the Golf to Octavia estates to a little Nissan Micra. The car is of no importance - it's the attitude of the driver that is critical.

The sessions are aligned to a Police Class 1 type of drive, but with significant appreciation of vehicle balance. You learn a lot about yourself, a lot about those around you and develop a surprising ability to manage a lot more than you think. Of course you also learn to drive your car significantly better, feel more confident in managing situations around you - and use less fuel, despite making better progress.


On a one day course we start with licence and eyesight check, how you sit in the car, hold the wheel - this leads to a whole lot more regarding your physiological interactions with the car. Following a quick review of your driving experience we do an initial approx. 45min drive. After a break to discuss initial observations we then look to develop a tailored approach to your specific aims and objectives. Then the lunch stop for refreshments / discussion.  The afternoon drive aims to put these thoughts into the drive in such a way that there is significantly more control and relaxation within the drive. Remove the stress, think a lot more, physically do a lot less. Finally we finish our first day with a debrief, recorded voice notes and a path for future development.

The 3 day course introduces further skills and techniques and can include commentary drive and work on manoeuvres, but will always aim to develop areas of weakness highlighted during the first day. Voice notes are taken and an  extensive written report is produced to enable you to use these days as a structured guide for your future driving development  -  and as a  reference for further sessions with ourselves.

But all courses start with the one day evaluation/assessment session, to highlight issues but also to see whether we work together well (this is important) and enables us to develop the strategy to take your driving to where you would like it to be. And perhaps to our drivers group.....

Course is taken in your own vehicle.

"Mike, Thank you for the notes and yesterday. For me it was a fantastic day I learnt a lot and have plenty to take away to think about and practice. I found the way you delivered the information really helpful and easy to understand and appreciated your patience and empathy with someone trying to unlearn over 30 years of bad practice. I can already see how putting just some of what you suggested in place will make my driving more enjoyable and safer. Hopefully with a little practice I will master most of it. Many thanks  John" -  19 Sept 2017


B.  Performance Road Driving

One day course either as a stand-alone or as the initial part of our track package. The course is run on routes which are particularly demanding, highlighting strengths and weaknesses within the drive and lead on to develop the driver to manage the car far more effectively.

Usually the client has bought something quicker than they are used to and now want to drive it better. Sometimes their other half has suggested this may be a good idea! We have many Porsche 911 / Cayman owners approach us for this course: also M3/M4, Audi TT, Lexus, Aston, Mercedes/AMG. Ferrari 488 etc.  Generally the kind of person using our services is switched on enough to know that learning to drive better is now rather a good idea. 

The day starts with putting you on a range of testing roads and analysing your drive. We all have strengths and weaknesses and here you will get a detailed breakdown of both. After a short coffee break, going through some of the initial aspects, we then set some targets and start to work on areas of weakness, aspects that require improving or even changing altogether. And always you get to question why these changes are being implemented and how best to do so. Elements of the drive can be filmed and you can take away footage.

Considered elements include positioning and lines, gearchange, steering, brake phases, weight balance transfer, risk and other vehicle management, a big slice of observational techniques, grip demands. All done in a very engaging way. We also offer alternative technique development such as heel and toe, gear timing strategies. It's a marrying together of the best of road practice with the transition qualities of the race driver

We have a range of preferred road locations but predominantly in North Wales or Peak district,  or all the way up to the Cairngorms as above.

We can organise overnight arrangements as required.  A significant percentage of our clients, once they have honed their drive come back for follow-up sessions and may follow on to do advanced track training with us. If you love cars and you want your driving to do justice to them then this is definitely for you.

Course is taken in your own vehicle.

A written report is provided after the course.

Hi Mike, Many thanks for a very interesting and informative day yesterday. Talk about turning driver training on its head! Lots to re learn, this may take some time! As spoken, am keen to join you on a Ring trip later this year. Look forward to our next meet on track in a couple of weeks time. Please let me know of some options. Best wishes, J (Ex Traffic Officer) April 13.


C. Defensive/ Hijack-aware/Car-jacking course

If you drive as a lone adult (especially female), drive a prestigious vehicle, drive repeated routes, have high value equipment or persons on board you need to seriously consider a tactical defence avoidance course. Visit our sister site at https://www.tac-tick.com for more information.


D. Fleet driver training/assessments

For business we offer a range of options, depending on requirements. There are options of:-

  • Class based training sessions & presentations
  • Combined class and in-car sessions
  • Fully car-based courses
  • Anti-hijack / car-jacking management course
  • Residential two / three day driving and team building courses

Courses are tailored to the requirements of the client. So, they can take the form of assessment of a driver's risk, developing risk management strategy in day to day use of the company vehicles, defensive driving approaches, all the way up to driving in high-risk environment/exit strategy approach driving. 

Certification of course completion and risk analysis documentation can be included within package options. Please contact for full course options.


E. Track and Race coaching

Please contact before booking our track/race training. 

Unlike most track trainers or ARDS schools we are offering to our known clients alternative options and strategies to those normally available. We've moved our training on quite significantly over the last 24months or so, using alternative approaches that are quite different to current UK-based track instruction - more akin to US style training. This has been lead by what we have learned from both track and tactical course development, in terms of dealing with situation and stress. It questions how people really adapt to taking on new skills and dealing with more than one thing at a time. Clients find this challenging but effective and rewarding.

If you have an interest in training please talk to us.


This is where the series racers, sprint/hill-climb future-classic, euro-saloon, Britcar etc. competitors come in: Or perhaps the trackday-driver with a car such as M3/GT3/RS - or quick car owners who have realised the the road is not always the place testing the full performance of the vehicle. 

Track training days form the basis of a personal development path and we usually work over a period of months and even years with our clients to get the driving to a level commensurate with the needs- with quite a few clients of ours revisiting us over a significant timeframe to keep on top of things and to stop bad habits returning. We take track-dayers to a level where they can be race-competitive. Our clients have won some notable events, so we must be doing something right.

If you are looking for a development path rather than a one-day session we first get you out in your road car - on the road - and spend a day figuring out issues in your drive. Zero cost environment, identifies most of the key points to be developed and sets the scene for subsequent  track-based outings. Many errors on track are road-driving errors magnified by speed, tension and adrenaline. If you can't do things like heel & toe we discuss if there is a need, demo and then make a decision on whether it's necessary to use your time developing the skill. Same with left foot braking and other higher speed techniques.

Suzuki Swift Sport on track under instructionNext,  using your car - or we may be able to supply a vehicle - we find a suitable venue, either off-road test facility or racetrack. We book into it and meet you there with helmets etc. as required. We recommend race circuits depending on experience. 

You learn about how you affect the balance of the car, how you brake, steer, gearchange, interact with the cars around you, how you work the tyres. And so much more.  It's like a health check of your driving at high speed. And to quite a significant depth. So you don't get "you need to change gear better". You get all the reasons why and how it isn't  the way it could be, and more importantly, what the implications of what you are doing have on unbalancing the car & its effect on lap-time, wear, stress etc. You won't get a better précis of your drive.

Early outings we aim to use a flat circuit. From there we progress to circuits with elevation and camber change, looking as to how to best manage these to your advantage. So the track training develops your drive with increasing levels of challenge. And if we find that you need to develop in a particular way - perhaps you struggle dealing with other vehicles on track - then we create a solution. This is where things can get interesting......

IF you want to "fast-track" yourself to become a competent race driver then consider our THREE DAY or DRIVER DEVELOPMENT COURSES - details

Hi Mike. Thanks for a great and insightful day!! – have even more 'enthusiasm' for driving now - (did not think that was possible….). Will work on the techniques and look to book another session with you in late Jan/early Feb with a view to a track day in March at Donington Park. Look forward to receiving any additional notes from you and hope you and your family have a great Xmas break. Regards J B 17 Dec


E. Spa, Nurburgring, Le Mans, One-off events, Test track development and testing of car or driver

This is where it all gets a bit bespoke and you need to talk to us. We book tracks, hire hotels, arrange movements etc. We have worked with some big names over the years and know how to make things work. And we have had some really happy clients as a result. Talk to us

Anything you want to know just ring or email. Nothing hidden and we aim to help. Calls and advice over the 'phone are free and without bias or pressure, as we always aim to help people get the best for them.

Contact us any time,+44(0)1925 263 354  or +44(0)7876 576 320

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